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  • Dec. 11, 2021, 9:30 p.m.
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I know I said this on facebook but some people aren’t on there, I want to thank everyone for the support and love and all that on my last post. I really appreciate it.

I am really trying not to blast my Ace status around (ok, I mean its all in my profiles on twitter, facebook etc, but you know what I mean), but I got to thinking while playing ffxiv (what a time to think lol)

When I wrote the post on facebook, one of my friends they said something that kind of took me by surprise but it is true.

They said “Welcome to the LGTB+ Club”

And it just been sinking in there. Why am i thinking about this? Please do not get me wrong. I am very happy to be in this community/club. I joined a couple Ace Subreddits (Two normal subreddits and a meme subreddit, and I might find one on facebook, but I’m not sure on that) and I posted my little story on one of them and they were very welcoming, and I honestly felt at home, even though I am probably not gonna post much in those subreddits (TBH I dont really post -much- on reddit) but I digress.
In my mind.. in the LGTBQIA community, I would consider my house/outpost on the outskirts of the community. I am just a schmo who really doesn’t feel anything when it comes to sex/kissing things like that (hugs are fine, and maybe some cuddling but.. hugs are definitey fine) But in this community there have been people that been oppressed, discriminated against, beaten, killed, abandoned etc, and those people are the real heroes of my new community. This Ace will be mega supportive of anyone in this community, they can come to my outpost/house on the outskirts of Pride town and talk to me or come out to etc, over coffee and a game, this has never changed, and it will never change. My outpost/house in pride town and ill always be here for someone, I’ll be your Ace Uncle. When pride month comes, ill probably post a couple memes or whatever, but honestly i’ll just sit here in my little outpost on the outskirts of pride town open to any members of my new found LGBTQIA community.

I am at peace with my decision, I am content, I am very proud of my new found Ace status, and If I ever EVER go on about it, I will try to tone it down. It is my decision, my life, and I dont want to blast it in front of everyone.

Crazy Ace Uncle saying good bye.


Shattered December 11, 2021

This is your space. YOURS. Write whatever you like and fuck everyone else.

LordJunon Shattered ⋅ December 12, 2021

i should just say I dont want to be overly annoying with this is all :)

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