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  • Dec. 10, 2021, 12:26 a.m.
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I know I talked about this a few months ago about how I have little to no sex drive and I dont even feel anything when it comes to sex, and I was pretty sure (like 80% sure I was asexual) and I feel very little attraction anymore to any one. I see a pretty woman and be like oh she’s pretty/cute and thats about it. Not anymore hotchi motchi or anything. And I dunno. I just dont -feel- anything when it comes to this stuff anymore. I feel awkward as fork when the topic of sex or any sort of Lewdity comes about, and that has always been true. (Which while I love my FFXIV FC, they do sometimes get a bit lewd for my liking and I just have to close the discord, but thats them and I’d never tell them to stop on my account, i’m good at being a wall flower)

Honestly here are some things I find better than sex:

A greatly played board game.
A fun video game.
The packers winning by a lot.
The packers winning by a slim margin.
A good Pro football game.
Good food.
A normal Pro football game.
College football.
Every other sport out there.

But yeah, i’m not gonna shout it from the roofs, i’m putting this on various social medias , and I’d like to get a pin or 2 but thats it (One for my hoodie and one for my Winter coat). (I’m actually kind of poor atm so this will have to wait, but if anyone knows of a good place to get one let me know)

But for the first and only time (well on facebook as well, but yanno)

I am Ekhdal Brand (aka Chris S) and I am an asexual Human being.

Thank you. That is all.



Deleted user December 10, 2021

I am asexual too and I think I always been like that my whole life despite there were crushes I had developed on people. I am that interested in sex or feel much attraction towards anybody either. And for years I thought there was something wrong with mJust written a new entry under my Misc Prosebox book check it out but stay tuned for further chapters of my stories or other non fiction/fiction stories I may end up writing about on here. Happy Reading/commenting on whatever you may have missed from my end.
I will be checking you out to see how your doing
Take care and happy reading/commenting

Barbara Bad December 10, 2021

... Wait... A pin to declare you're asexual?... I must have the wrong end of the stick here?

LordJunon Barbara Bad ⋅ December 10, 2021

Just a little pride pin. I dont want this to take over my life, like i said i'm not gonna broadcast it loud after this, it might come up in passing but thats all.

Barbara Bad LordJunon ⋅ December 10, 2021

Oh right lol. I was imagining something that said something like No sex please 😂

martian princess December 10, 2021

I'm sure it feels validating to understand yourself better, happy for you!

IAmAWotsit December 10, 2021

I'm fully with you! I've always been asexual, can't abide the world-wide obsession with sex and things related to it. I'm happily married but while I love my beloved hubby to bits, it's never been in a sexual way, thankfully he thinks of me in the same way! Even on our wedding night we never bothered!

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