Awristed in Thirty-Six

  • Dec. 6, 2021, 11:10 p.m.
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I’m in a lot of pain but I was expecting that. My wrist is the worst of it right now. I already have moderate to severe (rheumatoid arthritis) carpal tunnel in my right wrist and it just gets worse as my inflammation goes up, which it has since I haven’t been on Actemra since June.

I am fine. This is about my normal pain level on a bad day which is about 1/3 of my days so I CAN deal with it. It just gets overwhelming sometimes and that last entry is what you get. I fucked up my wrist more the other day when I was moving shit around in the shed. I have been looking for my UV lamp, but I think I left it behind. Ugh. I just got some new Gel polish and some foils that I have been DYING to use, but my UV lamp disappeared. And with it the cord to my drill. BLARGH. So there’s two items I am putting on my Christmas list.

So I had a question about the heater/valve situation I mentioned in my last entry. This house was built in 1940. The front part of the house is all original wiring, framing, etc.

These houses were for the company men who worked at the mine (in Bayard)
and processing plants here in Hurley.

Mostly single white men without families or men with families who were brought here by themselves by the company to be the higher ups.

This was a very segregated part of the country at that point still. This town was founded in 1910.

The area of town my dad grew up in, which is where he still lives and where we live now, was the Hispanic side of town. The other side past the train tracks was the white side.

There was literally a 10 foot fence around that side of town and the Hispanic students had to go through a gate to get to school over there.

Anyway so these houses were built with one bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

In the 60s when the previous owner bought the house they updated it a little bit and added two whole bedrooms to the back of the house. My bedroom and my brothers bedroom.

That electrical work hasn’t been updated since then either.

All throughout the living room, front bedroom and bathroom, there are TWO outlets throughout those three rooms. They are just the double prong outlets, no grounding prong. Most of the appliances used today have a triple prong plug.

There’s only two outlets in the kitchen also. One runs the refrigerator and the other one runs everything else. That includes the washing machine, microwave, light above the sink, air fryer, Toaster, sewing machine, any other small appliance we need to use. We can’t use multiple appliances at once (like the microwave and a hand mixer for instance) without tripping the breaker on that one outlet.

It’s a constant battle to figure out what we need to do. If we are washing clothes, everything else gets put on hold.. 😂.

Anywho, so the heater that was in here was one of these, let me know if you can see that pic.

One of those type of heaters has always been in this room. The pipe that comes up out of the floor to provide gas for the heater comes up into the corner of the room. thats the only corner of the room we can put the bed in. It will be fine once we get the mattress up off the floor. We just need a bed frame so we aren’t pushing on the valve. I’m the only one who smells it, I could be making things up or mistaking one smell for another (the rats’ cage is also right next to our bed) and so who knows.

The rattos are doing great. I’m going to be starting Hemi on a round of antibiotics this coming week, though. He’s getting slightly wheezy now that it’s a little bit cooler. Otherwise they are all doing well. We were supposed to be picking up two more boys tomorrow when we go to Tucson (more on that in a sec) but the lady hasn’t gotten back to Randy about them, so we might just go down to the store here in town, she has two boys that are in desperate need of relocation (plus a pregnant/recently birthed mama) and a couple others. If we had the room we’d get them all lol ugh.

Anyway, so yeah, we’re going to Tucson tomorrow (Tuesday). It’s our Food Stamp day and so we are headed to Tucson to Sam’s Club for a few things. Also Adam said he was giving us his computer (it’s about 3 years old, compared to our 8 and 9 year old one) and stuff, so that will be awesome. Newer computer, hopefully Randy will be able to stream once we get that set up.

We were trying to figure out what to do for Christmas but the COVID numbers both here in NM and in AZ are continuing to rise, so we are going to stay our asses home. Next year.

Plus the dogs only have their rabies vaccine (only requirement for the town) and to board them all (including the rats) it’d be over $400. We were going to plan on going to Taos, but yeah not going to risk it at all.

Still no word from the in-laws either, so that’s a definite no.

Uhhhmmm yeah. I don’t know what else to say. I hope you are all doing well. Have a good one!

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