Journal Prompt thingie 29 in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Nov. 29, 2021, 2:33 p.m.
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Hi people. Here is the prompt thingie for today:

Cyber Monday - What is your favorite technological advancement from when you were younger?

I dont understand this question, but i’m gonna talk about pieces of technology I cant live without.

My iPad. Its 7ish years old. It is still fairly up to date, can run most anything. Battery is still fairly good, and i use it ALL THE TIME. I use it to stream NFL redzone on sundays (When i was in burrito mode yesterday it used about 60% of my battery which is fine) (Which i’ll be doing next week for EW) I play games on it, (Board games mainly, Ascension, TM, Star realms are the ones I play a lot)I do some general surfing on it because my laptop isn’t the best (The battery likes to randomly cut out) So I dont use my laptop for laptop purposes, my iPad and my phone are for portability purposes. (my poor iPad case though, thats seen better days lol)

My cell phone as well, I use that a lot for obvious reasons, more for surfing and texting and playing some small mobile games (i’ve been playing this one clicker game for a year and I still enjoy it, its called Idle Slayer, and all it is is tapping the screen, watching a dude run, pick up coins, kill monsters, for some dumb reason its resonated with me, its a great game to play before I go to bed. I have a few other games I like on there, but i surf twitter, youtube and a few other things, and I LOVE the nest thermostat app which lets me control the thermostat from anywhere.

My gaming systems (PS3/4/5, my switch, my 3DS and my 360) Goodness if i didnt have these i’d go bonkos. So much joy has come from my gaming systems, and video games in general. I’ve talked about those a lot so i won’t go much into them.

So thats technology i cant live without.

Other tidbits.

That packer game was fun yesterday, except at the end when the stupid Rams player basically hit the one packers player without cause during the onside kick. (Thankfully he was okay)

I really am trying not to meme Rodgers because reasons, but someone on reddit made a great meme yesterday and here it is, I’ve got that song stuck in my head, the dude did another meme in the same style after the NFC divisional last year

I got some chinese food today because I was kind of Poultry’ed out. I also got boots some old man vitamins cause he is limping a bit, but he is eating, he still jumps onto laps, heck i just broke a fight up and they were chasing each other. That cat i swear, he is too much.

I also went to walmart to pick up 2 gifts for my idiot brother (for my mom) and some cola products, I am gonna put some stuff on sale on eBay because… my tastes in video games have changed and..some of them I have a hard time seeing TBH (Dragon quests 4,5,6.. honestly they are too long and are a bit on the rougher side, and the other games.. The font is too squished together for a DS screen for me to read. Thats a sign i’m getting old lol.

ANYHOP. I think thats all.
Toodles for now.


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