Journal Prompt thingie 28 in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Nov. 28, 2021, 12:56 p.m.
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Hi goobers! (Which I just found out that goober is Gender neutral)

Today is a fun prompt:
Who is your favourite character (book/movie/etc) and why?

I gotta break this down between book, video game, and TV

First one is From the world of Books:

The reckoners series are a great series of books about people fighting back against people who have super powers and has 2 great Characters in it who are hilarious and good people.

First is the main character, David Charleston. He is the driving force behind the trilogy, yeah he does some dumb things in the name of attracting a girl, but i love his metaphors (Like a brick made out of porridge or a potato in a mine field) He is also pretty stubborn and can improvise pretty well.

The other character from the book is Cody who is this ex cop sniper from Nashville but claims to be from scotland (Even though he has no Scottish accent) and he is funny because everything is scottish.

Video games:
Ok We all know Tali from Mass effect. But I also Like Urdnot Wrex from ME. He is this big warrior who is trying to unite his people and he is just a big cuddly teddy bear. I will NEVER let him die NOR will I ever betray him. Mordin Solus from ME is also good. He is this Doctor who helped modify the Genophage which causes most Krogan Births (Wrex is Krogan) to be stillborn. (1 in 1000 births) he is good because hes just funny, and a good Moral Quandary (He defends his work in 2 but in 3 he turns around and helps find a cure) Plus he sings Gilbert and Sullivan.

In FFXIV there is a “Detective” named Hilidibrand Manderville, and he is this incompetent inspector who goes on adventures and all the adventures are.....odd.

That man in his underwear chasing him is his father Godbert. His mother is also..... something. But his adventures are always hilarious and I cant wait to see him back in Endwalker. Just go on youtube and look up some of his stuff, its all great, and you dont have to be an XIV fan to understand most of it.

In TV I like Bojack horseman. He is a tragic figure. His demons always catch up to him. He tries and tries but they always come back (That and Bojacks opening theme music is the bomb)

oh i’m sure i’m missing bunch of others, but football is starting, so its time to gather kitties and burrito with my iPad and tv, so thats about it.

Toodles for now.


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