Journal prompt thingie 27 in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Nov. 27, 2021, 9 a.m.
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More prompting time.

This prompt: Favorite simple pleasure?

I’ve talked about it before. Cola. I love cola. I like the tastes of it, I like the flavor, I like the variety, and its just a good beverage for me, and 10 thousand times better than ANY alcoholic product. I can drive home fine after 4 glasses of coke in comparison to 4 glasses of wine/beer. I am also not gonna go into a rage bender either or make anyone else’s life miserable because of cola products. (In case y’all haven’t noticed I’ve evolved into a teetotaler, have been for about 8 years since I last took a drink of booze) I know its not the best for me health wise, but its my only vice. I’ve said this before. I also dont care for booze culture, where there is so much peer pressure and things like that. So I’ll take a can of Coke, i’ll be your DD and I’ll be fine with it.

Other tidbits:

Ugh. Yesterday at idiot land was not fun, people were grumpy and crabby. I had to deal with a stupid analog meat thermometer that one second said 150, next second it said 145. (Jabbing near the same spots) It was annoying, the turkey came out fine though. I also spilled water on my shirt and pants cause there was an open bottle of water on a couch arm.
After that I did go out to my friends we played a fun game called ANNO 1800 which i guess is based off a PC Game? Either way I like the trading with people, the tech tree and the quick turns. It is on my list but its a bit lower on the list. I also got a copy of cyberpunk for 10 bucks brand new, i’ll have it with my ps5. Dunno how much Ill play due to EW but we’ll see. Speaking of XIV i must prepare for a small in game party. And cook up some lunch before that.



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