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  • Nov. 25, 2021, 4:56 p.m.
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Happy food day. Today is a normal day, tomorrow is the big food day. I have steak thats gonna be cooked up at 3 or so and i’m just gonna have a turnover or something for lunch (steak is my go to for thanksgiving non turkey)

I also woke up with awful heartburn in the morning. ugh, and of course i thought the worse even though i’ve woken up with heart burn a bunch before. I’m gonna start keeping a bottle of tums near my bed (I’m so old lol)

That being said.. PROMPT TIME:

25th Tell us about your pet or pets.


This is Boots:
alt text

He is my old man. He is about 13, I think hes finally losing a bit of steam. I have to get him some joint medicine, he is limping a bit. But he still DGAF. He is a cuddly old man. Loves food, nutrition shakes, cheese, ham. Outside the limping (Which if it gets bad, i might have to take him to the vet) He is still healthy and still eats and such, but my poor buddy. (He was fighting with macaroni this morning lol) But I adopted him at 5 years old, cause I wanted an older pet (They are best pets)and the only reason I got him is I couldn’t find his name at the humane society.But he is a good boy and a great kitty.

This is macaroni:
alt text

He is my baby. He is about 7 now. And he is the most gentle of cats. Like you can pick him up hold him like a baby, dance around with him and he won’t resist. He is so sweet.Kind of a scaredy cat though. You can flinch at him and he starts running. He does look a bit frowny though so I do call him a grumpy baby cat. He is also the only cat I know that you can fold his ears and he doesn’t care. (Foldy ears!) Hes just a good wonderful cat. I got him because when i was at the humane society everytime I went near him he went bonkers. I wasn’t gonna get another orange kitty but him doing that combined with his name made me get him. We had a health scare a couple years ago but hes okay now (He is also miracle kitty cause of that <3)

alt text

look at these two Brofurs.

Other tidbits. I’m just gonna watch football, play castlevania portrait of ruin (my favorite castlevania) and eat steak today. Nothing major today,

Have a good one folk, folkettes and folkbys.


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