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  • Nov. 24, 2021, 1:30 p.m.
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Hi Prosebutt

This is an odd prompt and i’m all out of audibles, and this one is odd because I’m honestly awkward as fork when it comes to this topic but here I go:
Which 3 things attract you to someone?

I’m gonna break this down into two categories because reasons.

First is physical because you got to have a bit of physical attractiveness.

1: I am always a leg person, a nice long set of legs is just yummy.

2: Hips, cause hips never lie.

3: And of course boobies, BUT.. I am very indiscriminate when it comes to them, I like smaller ones and I like bigger boobies. hah.

Other bits of attractiveness:

1: Geekery. It doesn’t have to be my geekery per se but some geekery is good.

2: A bit of sports fandom is also good, I want to watch football and other various sporting events with me. Now i’m not saying we have to have every thing in common and spending every single waking moment with the person but those are nice to do things together.

3: This one is gonna sound odd, but hair. I’ve come to the conclusion in life that I prefer shorter haired girls. I dunno why, its just something I have always found more attractive. (Bonus if its jet black. Jet black short hair = drool)


Other tidbits
I had a goofy scare last night, as my friend was setting up a game called divinity derby (which TBH I would rather play downforce for a gambling racing game where you dont really control a car) I was reading on my phone that some orders of ps5s were cancelled at walmart due to overselling so globviously when I came home (more on this in a second) I had to check to make sure mines was still there. It was. lol.

So i’m listening to a book, called Empire (I’ve talked about it before, and while its a fun book its falling into the Red state vs Blue state thing and its gonna make the blue state liberals look bad, heck the rebels are called “The Progressive Revolution”BUT i can overlook it because its a fun book with just enough humor in it to make it not overly serious, and its still, and I should of saw this when I saw the sequel didnt even mention this guy but.. who I thought was the main character (Heck he WAS The main character for the first half of the book) just.. got shot in the head.. like IT HAPPENED OMG. I thought something was gonna happen to him but it was just so sudden and I was like OMG. Then the best part of the book (The new main character was being chased by hover bikes, corvettes, Hummers (which get blown up) and BIG MECHS on the DC beltway. That was a fun part of the book.

Anyhop.. I was just Like OMG HE GOT SHOT. LIKE IT WAS SUDDEN. lol.

Other thing I got my booster today. Honestly? It didnt even hurt. I got it, didnt feel even the pinprick or anything. I dont know if ill get any side effects but I’ll take a day of misery over 3 weeks of suffering.

But thats about it for me. Back tomorrow with bad football takes and steak for dinner.



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