Journal prompt thingie 23 in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Nov. 24, 2021, 12:53 a.m.
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Oh hai. Its Tuesday, meaning its a game day in Grove city, and everything gets squished. Its also FFXIV reset day, which means not much now but in a little bit that’ll mean everything.

That being said PROMPT TIME.

23: 5 things that I’m grateful for.

1: My kitties. They are adorable, lovely and my buddy and my baby. Macaroni is so gentle you can do almost anything to him (Foldy ears! Foldy Paws!) and he just takes it, but hes a scaredy cat too but hes a good baby. Boots my old man buddy who just DGAF. 13 years old of DGAFdom. I can see his age coming in though and it scares me a bit but hes still spry and a buddy.

2: My mom, she irritates me sometimes but she’s a good person. I still fear for her lungs though cause they are getting worse I think, but outside that her heart is fine and she does what she can.

3: My friends. I have lots of good friends, some i just know via facebook, some I know through board gaming and some I know via FFXIV. I have a nice group of friends and they are all awesome in their own right.

4: Gaming. Duh. Both board and video. It is my primary hobby, I literally do not know where i’d be without gaming. I’d probably be a very very dull human bean.

5: I’m gonna go with Pro football with my number 5. Behind gaming its my biggest passion, (sometimes a bit too much when the packers play but.. i’m trying to curb that a bit) Thursday ill have it on all day even though the teams suck. And I’ve might of talked about this before I CANT REMEMBER but I love the history. I love NFL Flims, especially the old stuff from the 60s and 70s. John Facenda does a great narration of the films. Its just great.

Thats some stuff I’m grateful.

Other tidbits:

Ladies, Gentlemen and Enbys: I got one. It was honestly a very easy and painfree process. It got to 4. I had a 15 minute wait. I had to click reload a couple times but, thats not bad. Checkout was easy and I should get it by December 15th (that part i’m a bit unhappy about but Its walmart and not some shady store so i should be fine) Then after the whole thing was done, my mom texted me at about 530 saying they were sold out and my anxiety riddled butt thought they cancelled the order, cause I was reading that some places were doing that. There was also a small problem with my moms bank because they emailed her saying there was a suspicious charge (The PS5 purchase) cause she doesn’t charge that high so she had to call about that but thats okay. Better to be paranoid than not. And honestly I won’t be satisfied until I get it not because I want it meow, i just want it delivered because IT IS A PS5 AND ITS A BIG TICKET ITEM.

Now I have to worry about transferring data and more importantly my FFXIV hot bar set ups. When I get it on the 15th or whenever, I told my mom i’m gonna open it and set it up by installing system updates, and the like. I might do data transfers, (TBH I dont have much to transfer, mass effect and saves, horizon zero dawn.. and that might be all. I can download the rest again. I dont want to have to do that on christmas.

ALSO If i read correctly, cyberpunk is 9 bucks used at GameStop, Ill get it for 9 bucks, I just hope that manager is not there because he is such a pushy jerk. I understand they have to sell memberships but I’ve said no everytime cause I buy like 5 things a year.

I beat dragon quest 3 last night. I was kind of thinking id need another night to finish it. I tried the optional dungeon but 3 incursions in and I died like within the second fight and i’m like nope. Its optional, those games are too frustrating for me anymore (which is why i’m thinking of selling the DS versions I have, they are going for high amounts and They are way way too long for me anymore)

I also did some moving of stuff for my mom, I gave her my favorite solo board game table temporarily for her tv and stuff because the other thing was blocking her heater duct. (Hopefully its temporary)

Thats about it. I must now apply heat to leftover soup, then finish my dancer relic.



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