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  • Nov. 20, 2021, 12:15 a.m.
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I know i won’t be around later to do the journal thingie at a decent time so its after midnight so technically I’m doing the 20th prompt of this journal thingie and Its a double feature:

20th What is a news story (other than Covid) that surprised you this year?

Welp, the gathering of maggots January 6th was surprising because of how close it came to actually working, and the dragging of the feet (somewhat, i understand the gears of justice can be slow sometimes) can be a bad omen, but maybe i’m being an optimist here (LOL me optimistic) I think there will be some punishment for higher ups.

Everything that happened in Afghanistan was also pretty bonkers, you just blinked and boom country fell, and like I said, the current administration was a darned if you do darned if you dont situation (we needed to get out of there and he was only following the guidelines set by the big dumb wet ex president (and they were very bad guidelines) but Its done, and the evacuation was fairly impressive too, getting the majority of people out of Kabul, (as of the 1st of September i thought i read there was about 500 Americans or Allied americans there and they wanted to stay, and if i recall they are still trying to get them out, but dont quote me on that) Either way, its done. Should of been done a long time ago. The previous army just dissolved like tissue paper though, that was kind of a shock.

Those are the surprising stories of the year.

Prompt 2
How do I handle anxiety and stress..

You mean people HANDLE anxiety? Hah. Stress? HAH. But seriously. Gaming. Lots of gaming. And petting my kitties. They help.

Other tidbits:
Oh I have tidbits even at 12:12 am. I just saw that the FDC approved boosters for covid. I’m gonna call and get an appointment this week for either friday or saturday. I dont want to be KOed on Tuesday, nor do I want to be KOed on Thursday. I dont mind traveling on black friday, especially to Walgreens cause its Walgreens. BUT. this means I must make a phone call (Yes, my shiny 30 dollar a month phone I must actually make a phone call with haha)

But I must drop my mom off at my idiot brothers at 11am, then go play board games all day, they are already in my car ready to be played. I hope to spread the gospel of Millennium Blades. If not, I want to try the new bullet characters.

I must now do some daily quests in a silly clicker game I downloaded, watch tv and browse the interbutts then sleep.



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