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  • Nov. 19, 2021, 12:44 p.m.
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I dont care for either prompt so im gonna talk video games.

My favorite series of video games is the Mass effect series. Its a great series, with great lore 6 books (and only 6 no deception there) a nice complete comic collection (I have all the books on audio and the comic collection) I also have the Ultimate edition which is all 3 on one disc. Whats great about it is, is its a great space opera where the main character (Shepard can be a real good guy (which is what I always do) or a real jerk (which..... i never do, there are a few jerk prompts you always do and vice versa but I can never be full jerk)

The races are fun and interesting, you have the Asari who are blue skinned monogendered female type people who live for 1000 years, The Salarians who are hyper intelligent lizard people but live like 40 years. Turians, basically evolved bird people who are militaristic in society, Krogan are your big brutish people who got basically sterilized by the Turians and Salarians because of a war they fought a while ago, so they basically hate the entire galaxy. Quarians who live behind enivo-suits and created a race of sentient robots called Geth. There are a few other races but those are your most important ones.

Characters are really good too, and one of the cool things is you can romance most of them as well, Notable Characters are Liara T’soni an Asari Archealogist who becomes an info broker, Garrus Vakarian an ex cop, Urdnot Wrex a Krogan merc who wants to unite his people, Tali Zorah vas Neema an Adorkable Quarian Engineer on her pilgrimage

In ME fandom there are camps of who people think are the best character, mines is obviously Tali, she’s sweet, she’s adorable, she’s dorky and she’s just awesome.

I could talk about Mass effect a lot, but I have other games to talk about.

The Final fantasy series is also a mainstay for me I’ve enjoyed most games in the series (Main numbered ones) I despise XV though its an overrated piece of garbage. I play the MMO a lot. (XIV) and the expansion which ive talked about (Endwalker) comes out soon. 8 Is the most controversial and my favorite in the series.

Other games I like are the first couple dragon quest games (1-3 in particular) Hades is really fun. I love the outer worlds. Slay the spire takes up a good bit of my time, I also dabbled in stardew valley which was fun. I am a big fan of the castlevania games, Portrait of Ruin and Aria of sorrow are my favorites in that series

Games in the near and far future I want:
Disco Elysium
Castlevania collection (the 3 GBA games)
Mass effect 5 (Who knows when that comes out olol)
Star wars KOTOR (They brought it out on switch I have it on my iPad
Wario Ware: Get it together
Cyberpunk 2077 (ONLY if I get a ps5 though)

Which i know ive said this but My mom is gonna get me a ps5 for christmas if I can find one, I mean if I cant I’m not gonna pout like a 10 year old I will get one at some time and I have backup gifts I want (Imperial steam, a Tremendous looking board game that ticks all my boxes, Trains/logistics, Industry and I like the area its set in (Austria-Hungary) ) But finding a ps5 is not gonna be fun lol.

Other Tidbits.
Nothing much else I’m gonna get a Mcrib for dinner, tomorrow is a board game day, I got an expansion for a board game I preordered back in april, was in Port in september but just now got because Ports:

alt text

anyhop. Double trouble pic time:
alt text

Toodles for now.


A Bookish Bi 7 days ago

Aww look at those adorable kitties! 🥰 Needed to see them.

((laughs)) The Salarians sound they were were inspired by the Silurians from Doctor Who. Even the names are similar. Only difference is that the Silurians live for millennia.

The woman who voices Commander Shepard in ME just recently did the audiobook for Christopher Paolini's sci-fi novel, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars. I've heard bits of it and it sounds awesome.

LordJunon A Bookish Bi ⋅ 7 days ago

a Lot of people like Jennifer Hale as the better sounding Shep.

TBH Salarians are probably my least favorite race in the game, they are sneaky, way too arrogant, they use science to awful measures (that sterility plague was a salarian design, the one sub plot is curing the genophage (the plot) and the one person on your team was part of a modification team, and now he is wrestling the ethics behind it. Hes a great character) but in the third one the one leader of the Salarians want you to trick the Krogan into thinking you've cured it (and betraying Wrex who is one of my favorite characters) Salarians are slimy.

They used to eat flies.

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