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  • Nov. 19, 2021, 12:29 p.m.
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Lunch an hour or so north with Bobbie was really flat out a pleasure. We both arrived at the same time. She is truly living the good life, but she works really hard for it. She got her DNA samples back and discovered she wasn’t related to any of her brothers or sisters. That pleases her no end since she really dislikes them. Both of us had a really good laugh about that. She is off now for a week in Paris before taking part in the famous Venice Biennale. She looks good, she sounds good, but her other half seems a bit fragmented having just lost a kidney.

Me? Having fun starting a new and very colorful North Star quilt. They can get very complicated, but I am doing a simplified version. Very simple, actually. The oncologist tells me that despite all the ins and outs, my blood results remain the same. Leaves me smiling.

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- Himself: Laundry, games in space.
- Myself: Leaked when having lunch. Embarrassing. Good day today. Made the bed.
- Reading: Harry Potter 4
- Watching: KPBS:
- Photo: 1. G: Quilt title: Bedroom Nap Quilt, scraps, my least favorite quilt. It is too busy. 2. LL Bean quilt from the 2021 Quilt collection.
- Weather: 61 and thin, watery sunshine.
- Gratitude’s: Life inches into a new normal.

Last updated November 19, 2021

Jinn November 20, 2021

So Bobby was adopted ?

MageB Jinn ⋅ November 20, 2021

No. One mother, and several fathers.

Jinn MageB ⋅ November 20, 2021


aunty EM November 20, 2021

Oh how I hate leaking....

NorthernSeeker November 22, 2021

I like the colours in the first quilt and the busyness helps drag my eye around. The bottom quilt is more resful.

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