Journal thingie 18 in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Nov. 18, 2021, 8:41 a.m.
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Hi friends, friendettes, and friendbys. More journal fun stuff today.

Todays promptarino:

What is an opinion you have that a majority of people would find upsetting.

Welp. Ive never been a huge fan of the beatles.

The board game scythe I do not care for (It is currently in the board game geek top 15. It tries to do too much and doesn’t do anything good.

I also do not care for any of the call of duty/battlefield FPS games.

Back to music, My most despised band of all is Metallica. I.....loathe......them so so so much.

Cincinnati chili is Massively underrated, i love it so much. (its also known as skyline chili, it gets trashed everywhere, but its SO GOOD, especially with cheese, onion and spaghetti, id get more cans of it but a can is like 5 bucks which is nuts. Its fairly easy to make but skyline is the best Cincinnati chili)

Those are all i can think of ATM.

Other tidbits. Not many other tidbits today. It is a lazy day. I got lasagna cooking in ze slow cooker and it smells delicious.

Thats all. See y’all tomorrow


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