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  • Nov. 17, 2021, 4:52 p.m.
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Hi friends, friendettes and friendenbys

Here is todays prompt dilly do:

Which three foods best describe your personality?

First food is obviously tacos cause I love tacos, and they are almost a universal joy and overall they make people smile.

Second food is pizza, cause pizza is good all the time (I know people eat it for breakfast and while thats not me i know people do eat it for breakfast)

Third food I’m gonna have to say Wings. Reliable, tasty, good for a meal or a snack, dependable.

Other tidbits.
I seriously think i’m getting to be more hypochondriac as I get older. Aside from the stroke/heart attack paranoia i get I swear if I cough a couple times, or have a scratchy throat I’m gonna contract covid (and while its not a death sentence now still) this morning the cats woke me up and I had a horrible taste in my mout from the hot dogs I had last night but stupid me thought my sense of taste got screwed up to the point i actually got a piece of candy from my fridge cooler. Bu of course it wasn’t, the hot dogs just left a terrible terrible aftertaste. But that is how I feel anymore.

I did play a game last night ill never play again! Its called here to slay, Its a mix of Unstable Unicorns (ugh) and Munchkin (DOUBLE UGH) I played it for friend tax, and some other people were having fun so thats fine by me, i tried my best to feint it.

Anyhop.Thats all I have to pick up my mom from my great aunts (aka the land of infinite cigarette smoke)



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