THAT KINDA DAY in Postcards 4

  • Nov. 16, 2021, 4:03 p.m.
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Already I’ve begun avoiding working on the new quilt. It’s not a holiday, but I am working hard on excuses. I read all of you and even put your bookmarks in order twice. That was quite a disaster when they fell out of order. There was that many piece, online jig saw to do. I’ve had lunch. G is sawing logs in the other room. It’s that sort of day. And it’s ok.

  • Himself: Space. Baked bread, and made a meatloaf.
  • Myself: All of the above.
  • Reading: Harry Potter 4
  • Watching: KPBS:
  • Photo: The Red Star Quilt
  • Weather: Thin sunshine coming through the fog.
  • Gratitude’s: That G fixed a wonderful sandwich.

Jinn November 16, 2021

Gorgeous quilt!

toddslife November 16, 2021


Adventure before Dementia November 16, 2021


NorthernSeeker November 18, 2021

Quilt procrastinations sounds quite a bit like art procrastination.

Zipster November 18, 2021

I love the Laurel Burch cats on the pillow and how well it goes with the quilt!

MageB Zipster ⋅ November 19, 2021

i love them too.

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