Death And Longing in Dreams And Nightmares

  • Nov. 14, 2021, 3:34 p.m.
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No. 1
I was hanging with a group of friends at my grand parents old house. We were watching tv when the acquaintance with the checkered past showed up. Everything was going good till bad guy flipped out, ran out to his car and speed off…only to wreck in the yard across the street and managed to kill a bystander. He was accosted by the people in the house and beaten to death. The group and I tried to stop it but it was too late.

No. 2
Former coworker I had a one night stand was in this one. For some reason I was madly in love with her and she came back into my life and things were good…until the one that got away from her popped back into her life. I’m gonna skip all the details and just say that’s my subconscious thinking of Peacock.

No. 3
The incomplete highway dream, yet again.
My town is always under construction somewhere so I’ve had several dreams about driving off an incomplete overpass. This was another one of those just in a different part of town.

No. 4
The crime movie
Scenes from a mob movie played in my head and while dreaming I kept telling myself this film is real, I’ve seen it before.
Alas it isn’t and I haven’t.
Yeah, I dream I’m watching nonexistent films sometimes.

The Peacock one stings. I want to text and see how she is but it’ll be opening a can of hurt I don’t want to feel again. I know why I dreamed it. Being in TN yesterday. I passed by her doc’s office, where she gets her meds filled, the Long John Silver we ate at a lot. Part of me was hoping I’d run into her and the kids. Pipe dream.

Anyways, I’ve slept the day away as per usual. Woo.

Ferret Mom November 20, 2021

Do you remember your dreams a lot?

J.E. Ferret Mom ⋅ November 20, 2021


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