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  • Nov. 14, 2021, 10:34 a.m.
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I dont like either prompt so AUDIBLE.

I’m gonna talk pro football since it is Sunday. Some of these things I’ve talked about before but I love pro football (and to a much much much lesser extent college football, I’ll watch the college game can only watch so many 58-3 blowouts) I’ve said this part to before but you’d have to drop a small nuclear bomb on my house to stop me from watching football on Sunday’s and mondays (and thursdays) and even then the tv would still be on. If its not on the TV, it will be streaming via my iPad (back during the deep parts of the pandemic we got a package that has Game show network, and by glorious accident found out it has NFL red zone, and for the wonderful cost of 5 extra bucks a month, and GSN/RZ are two of my more watched channels now, heck it got me started on My match game 70s fandom)

My team through thick and thin and stupid Quarterbacks are the Green Bay Packers. Why them even though I have never once been to Wisconsin, do not have family there or anything like that? When I was in second or third grade I kept looking through the sports sections of the news paper, and I kept seeing this really weird city name that never appeared in any other standings section. So I did a bit more digging around and i saw their team name was cool, as was the logo.

So my fandom (almost fanatical to a point, although i’m really trying to work on this) Is 2nd grade me liked the city name and the logo. Back in the late 80s/early 90s it was really hard to keep up with an out of market team so I dont know how I did it, and my first piece of Packers gear is actually a big ol towel thats hanging in my bedroom. And Back before my idiot brother was well, not an idiot, he got me a starter jacket for christmas one year (which I still have, dont wear cause about 8 years ago I got another packers jacket)

I have: 8 hats, 2 scarfs, 5 Jerseys (Ryan grant, Brett Favre, Clay Matthews, Ha-Ha Clinton-dix and Rodgers) My rule is I won’t wear a jersey of a player thats still in the league but no longer on the packers, or in rodgers case just retires, cause… yeah. I have about 6 regular ol t shirts, 2 winter hats, 2 pairs of winter gloves, a bunch of bits and bobs, a ring and a stock certificate.

And I know i’ve mentioned this but imma say it anyhop, I do own a piece of stock in the packers which in theory means I own a part of the packers, but in fact Its a really nice piece of sports memorabilia with access to special merchandise, like my ring, I got it after the SB victory in 2010 and I plan on wearing that until I die and its gonna be dropped in mine and my kitties ashes.

So, now y’all know a bit about my packers fandom. Green and gold until i’m Dead and old. (I needed a rhyme)

That is all.

Other news: Holy carp I woke up with neck pain today, and my hypochondriac self thought I was having a stroke or heart attack, because those are the two things ii’m really paranoid about in life (more stroke than heart attack, I had an exes grandmother who had a stroke and she was a shell of a human being and it has stuck with me ever since) So at 5 in the morning I was in bed smiling, moving my fingers around, and singing either the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog or I am a very major model of a modern major general (or scientist salarian) until I fell asleep about an hour later. Ugh. It was not fun.

So that is all for that. I’m gonna get a case for my phone tomorrow. If i dont see one I’m gonna get one on amazon.. AND… apparently my mom said to be on the lookout for a ps5, so i’ll prolly be getting one for christmas if I can beat the bots. (that and since production is being slashed I wouldn’t mind getting it sooner than later) So now I am on the hunt. Goody now bot beating. Wish me luck.



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