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Fun Friday - What are some of your favorite ways to have fun?

Video games, movies, sports, cooking.

Cooking isn’t always fun, especially if I’m tired, but it is one of my favorite things to do.

I need to find people to play game with on the PS4, because it’s pretty boring playing by yourself. Randy and I play some games together (Darksiders Genesis recently) but it’s either him playing a game and me watching or vice versa because the ones we individually like to play are non-couch-co-op. So I have spent my entire time playing PoE by myself because there’s not coop, and I have tried asking other people in the towns to play but no one ever joins.

So that kinda sucks. We have played Diablo III together a lot but that game bores him and the last time we tried to take it out of the PS it kind of got stuck so I don’t think I’ll be playing that one again for a while. and with D4 being delayed until like 2023, we’ll see if I pick that one back up again.

PoE is fun, (Path of Exile if you’re confused), but I’d really like to find someone else to play with.

We play a bunch of random other games too like Broforce, Guacamelee, Trine, etc. Darksiders is fun because it’s a good combination of puzzles and combat. I like killing shit most of the time, so a game where its just puzzles doesn’t work well for me. I hate survival or builder games (Randy keeps trying to get me to pick up No Man’s Sky and I’m like nah i’m good thanks).

So if you’re on PS4 and need someone to play game with from time to time, look me up, my handle is sephers8403, my pic is a cow.

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