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  • Nov. 13, 2021, 10:47 a.m.
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Hi again prosecute with another journal thingie. This prompt is:

What book/movie do you recommend to others and why?

For books, I enjoy Armada by Ernest Cline, it is basically a modern twist on the last starfighter, I like the characters better than his more famous book Ready player one, and it is just more of a fun overall read/listen (Wil Wheaton does the narration, excellent narration)

The reckoners by Brandon Sanderson is also a pretty fun series as well, it is about a group of people who fight evil people who have superpowers. It has one of my favorite character in Literature (Cody, the BSing southerner sniper who claims to be from Scotland, I giggle everytime he makes a reference to Scotland)

Movies, I’m not a HUGE movie buff TBH. I enjoy movies, but really nothing that comes out and jumps out at me.

Movies I do like are Citizen Kane, The Big Lebowski, Dune (the 84 David Lynch one, but Ill probably end up getting the new ones when they come out on media), Doctor Strangelove: Or How I stopped worrying and Love the Bomb and The Royal Tenenbaums are probably my faves.

Thats all.

Other tidbits. I’m gonna shop for a case for my phone today, I wasn’t paying 50 bucks for a case. I am also getting some chinese food I think, there is a Hibachi buffet near my house which I haven’t had in a while. I also started playing Dragon Quest 3 (one of my favorite classic RPGs) but its also grind for money for equipment for the first few hours. Oh well, it’ll be a good game to play until EW comes out.

Thats all for me.

Toodles until tomorrow (Rodgers back but.. still feel weird rooting for him, root for the packers. )


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