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  • Nov. 14, 2021, 1:32 a.m.
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14. What would you do during “The Purge”? Or who are you going after? (I don’t know if these movies are in other countries. If not, it’s basically a “what if” where all crime is legal for 24 hours once a year.)

Do you know, interestingly, I have given this quite a bit of thought in the past!! And my thought processes have involved how to keep myself, my family and my home safe!!!

I may not believe in arbitrary rules but most laws were created because they attempt to prevent harm to people or to their property and (I’m taking this waaaay too seriously), those rules are not arbitrary.

If I were to break the stoopid rools I would wear my work shirt outside of work or I would send L to school with blue socks and more than two earrings, and she could dye her hair any colour…

During the Purge, I think we’d all hide in the loft with special items like photos and insurance details etc… oh and food!! Then hope no one knew we were there, so keep schtum okay?

Fortunately, my constant persecution of Phil the Phungus is not illegal!

Jinn November 14, 2021

Keeping it very secret !

thesunnyabyss November 14, 2021

Phil of the Purge, all beware!!!

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