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  • Nov. 12, 2021, 4:04 p.m.
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Fun Friday - What are some of your favorite ways to have fun?

Oh I think anyone who knows me knows these answers, which ive talked about in troves.

Fun! Board games. Love me my board games (Talked about them in a couple entries ago about some of my favorite ones.

Video games! I do enjoy some video games. I’ve also talked about those too, I just cleared my first hades dungeon run last night! I yelled in joy cause Ive never cleared it until last night, but its still a fun game. I am gonna start up a dragon quest run i think until endwalker comes out. Nothing else to do in game until then. Shrug.

I enjoy sports which is another way I Have fun, as everyone knows I am a huge fan of Gridiron football (aka American football) I love soccer (aka association football) hockey is not bad, same with other sports

Thats about it. I really am quite dull outside games and sports.

Other news. Welp. For some reason my phone of 3 years just stopped working so low and behold I got a new phone. It is a samsung galaxy flip 3 (yeah a flippy phone) Its gonna take forever to get my ringtones, and other things I need to get a case and screen protector (but not from verizon, 50 bucks for a case and that was the cheapest? I’ll look on amazon or walmart, but I do need screen protectors. That and I can recreate the scene from Star trek Generations where Data brings out “Mr Tricorder” lol. But i dont think i’m going out tonight so i’ll mess around with it some more, i need some personalization. I dont like the bleeps and the blups. I’ll putz with some other things..


Thats all for today.



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