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  • Nov. 11, 2021, 10:20 a.m.
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Thirsty Thursday - What are your favorite non-alcoholic drinks?

Ive kind of mentioned this before but I am a fan of carbonated cola products (Also known AND ONLY KNOWN AS POP)
I like Coca-cola, Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper as my preferred drinks.

I do drink non cola products too. I like iced tea, Orange juice, tea (Earl grey), Hot cocoa (Boots loves white chocolate cocoa) and yes I do drink water as well :)

A light prompt for today which is fine because I babbled a lot yesterday.

Other things:

I watched 7 of the 9 episodes of squid game last night, (4 of them with two kitties on my lap) Its not bad. Its not omg the best show ever or anything but i’ve enjoyed it and I’ll finish it today at some time. I did wonder what it would of been like to be an extra being in one or two scenes only to be shot by a random guard. lol. Also for some reason The episode with the tug of war and the strobe light fight must of been really fun to film. I know they took all the precautions and such but still. I guess i’m just a goofball.

Thats all for today. Nothing else major going on. Its soup season.



A Bookish Bi November 11, 2021

"Earl Grey. Hot." 😁

LordJunon A Bookish Bi ⋅ November 11, 2021

Picard is the reason why i started drinking it lol

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