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I didnt like either prompt thingie today so i’m gonna call in a Audible and talk about board games. I’m just gonna post a few of them and talk about them:

First one is Millennium blades:
alt text

This game is basically Friday night magic the board game. It is a “CCG Simulator” you are buying cards, making sets and competing in a “Tournament” where you are getting rank points to get real points. Its one of the most unique games out there.

Second one is Sidereal Confluence:
alt text

This is a game where you are trading cube a for cube b then trading cube B for Cubes C and D, then making cubes and cylinders, and then bidding on things to make more cubes. It sounds dry as fork but the great part of the game is you have an alien race that is totally different than someone else’s. (Example, there is a race that produces wild cubes, and another race that needs to power their conversion machines with ships) It is so fun, and so zany

Next is Pret-a-Porter

alt text

Heavy economic game where you are running a fashion shop, gathering material, making designs then showing them off at fashion shows. It is a really heavy game, not overly difficult to understand but super crunchy.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is next:
alt text

Cooperative super hero game where there is a variety of heroes a variety of villains and a variety of places to fight them. I have a big ol box that fits in an ikea bag and thats about it lol.

The dance between these next two will last a long time for they are my number 1 and number 2 (Right now Terraforming Mars is 2)

alt text

You basically are terraforming mars by playing cards, running an engine of stuff, playing actions, laying out plants and things like that. Once again its one i’ve played a lot (60+ Times) and its a easy one to play. (Two actions per turn, play cards, do actions on cards etc) Its a great game, definetly worth everyones time playing. AND THE ART ISNT BAD. I haven’t played it in a couple months cause I got the card game version and its about half the game length (I like both though, but base TM is better)

However right now if you asked me my favorite board game, the one I’d drop everything to play (Ok, NGL i’d drop everything to play any of these mentioned, or play any of these back to back (most games I dont like doing that. but i’d probably play back to back to back) is Empyreal: Spells and steam:

alt text

This is a magical train game where you are delivering goods to cities, building up a “Magic train” (Customized actions) and the fun part of this game is most train games to deliver goods you have to be all connected, in this one your trains can be anywhere (because: Magic) The great part of this game is simplicity. I can teach this game in 5-10 minutes. It is also quick. I played a 6 player game of this with teaching in 2 hours. I am so glad I bought tis game (Also my one board came undone just a bit so you know i’ve played it a lot) Also best solo mode out there.

So there are some really fun board games that I own. They are all great, and I will gladly teach any of these (Millennium blades needs at least 3 to be good and Sidereal plays best at 5-7 players) So there.

Other tidbits.
“I Regret my actions” Thats the closest to an apology we are getting out of Rodgers, it was probably scripted but.. i’m surprised he said something like that. I’ll go back to rooting for the player, but not the human. Still no memes, no praise outside Football, and no jersey wearing (which his jersey is my favorite so that hurts) He still has a lot of work to gain trust back with a lot of people but.. I’m considering the matter closed. I dont think respect will ever be back to pre-diagnosis levels. (and apparently his fine was negotiated between the union and the league)

I finished Colorless Tsyru Tazaki yesterday. That ending.. he just went to bed the day before he finds out if the girl he likes likes him back in that way.. AHHH. I dont like open ended endings, and this was one of the most open ended endings out there. Still though the book was pretty good for 1.50 (There is one Trigger warning in the book though) Ill come back to it in a couple years, i want to cleanse my brain of it, cause thats better after a good brain cleanse. (although the surprise part will always be with me i think)

The next book I picked up at goodwill for 5 bucks and the sequel on amazon for 6. I know Orson Scott card is a fairly right leaning sci fi author, conservative mormon etc.. but i really really hope this book (Its about a second american civil war) does not devolve into LIBERAL BAD situation, the sequel talks about someone being the president after the war, and I thought oh, it was this Army Major, fairly conservative guy I thought he’d be the brains, nope, It was this Liberal Princeton Professor who is gonna be the bad guy in the second book and probably the first one. (It was in the synopsis so i’m not spoiling the book, i still need to know HOW it happens) If thats it, I should of just stuck to Harry Turtledove, and go through the southern victory series. (Although much harder to find on CD) The narrator though....... is ok, can do a decent male voice but female voice.. ehhhhh. Oh well we shall see how it plays out. Hope its good.

Smol Edit: Thebearsgothosedmondaynight. Now if you excuse me i must wash my mouth out with cheese.



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