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  • Nov. 10, 2021, 12:56 a.m.
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10. What is a skill or activity you’ve tried during the restrictions and NEVER want to do again. Why?
-thesunnyabyss and Lis

I thought this ‘ere website was supposed to automatically save entries as you wrote them… well, I popped away from this page for a second or five and the entire thing is gone!!

So what did I write?

I didn’t take up any new activities during the lockdowns, I just changed the way I did things eg buying a treadmill on which to run. I did more of some things such as sewing and baking but they were things I did anyway.

I suppose, when we went into lockdown v2.0 I had to temporarily close the nail business so I started sewing masks in Christmas fabrics and selling them. I made an absolute financial killing on them and they funded Christmas; both food and gifts.

I used some gorgeous fabrics and was sad when some of them ran out because I didn’t get any! But I think we’re at the right side of the middle of this pandemic and if we do go into another lockdown then I have a job now which pays well considering the amount of hours I work, and would carry on being paid (in fact, I imagine I would carry on working) so I wouldn’t need it.

I think, because Covid-19 didn’t directly affect us as a family, I really enjoyed the first lockdown. It was sunny and we spent so much time in the garden.

That feeling that came with it could never be recreated but it has left me with the feeling that I want more; different. Something different from now, then and before. Don’t get me wrong, life is great but one of the things I’ve realised is that there are things in life that I would actually like to have as part of my everyday, not just as special treats. So yes, I want to make changes. But that isn’t easy when family has to be taken into consideration.

Hey Ho. That entry waffled and morphed into something else!!

I guess one thing I would change is not leaving my toe nail fungus so long before beginning the treatment 😘

Jinn November 10, 2021

You and that fungus :-) I know from experience it’s almost impossible to get rid of . I had it on my left big toe ; finally beat it and now I peroxide my toes every night after a bath. So far it’s stayed gone . I wipe all the insides of my shoes out with peroxide too before I wear them just to make sure I do not pick it up again. I don’t know how I got it in the first place as I am particular about my feet. Begone damn fungus !

Deleted user November 10, 2021

I just love reading your entries, and if you were my neighbour, I know we'd have so much to chat about every day.
I agree with you about the effects of the lockdown. Do R and the kids also remember that first season fondly, I wonder? I was actually thrilled with the first one - all those social commitments off my calendar suddenly? DREAMY. I made a lot of money sewing and selling masks too, and that was such a fun venture.
Everyone is so busy again - it seems like life is back to normal here in so many ways, and I miss that slower pace we had. It's made me think a lot too.

ermentrude Deleted user ⋅ November 10, 2021

I think R less so because he was working from home and it was a little stressful both having the kids around and not having his work team around to bounce ideas off. X

thesunnyabyss November 10, 2021

I like how cozy it made my world,

Damn that fungus!!!

ermentrude thesunnyabyss ⋅ November 10, 2021

🍄 xx

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