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  • Nov. 9, 2021, 11:26 a.m.
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DOUBLE DIP CAUSE I LIKE BOTH PROMPTS (Which will make up for tomorrow cause i’m not gonna be using any of those prompts)

First one deals with Tacos! Do I like tacos? Heck yes I like tacos. They are yummy, crunchy (or soft shelled) I like taco bell tacos, I like making tacos at home When making tacos at home, I found taco bowls that make for some great taco salads, and I found a liquid taco seasoning which is also really good, i usually mix it with some dry stuff and it makes for a really nice seasoned beef. When I go to taco bell I usually get a burrito and a hard shell taco (I did enjoy the chicken shell tacos and the spicy flatbread tacos (which was just KFC spicy sauce in taco form, makes sense cause they are both owned by the same company) I also have a shirt that says “Taco is m spirit animal” so TACOS FOREVER.

The other prompt is making a compliment to someone I dont like. This is easy. To say I dont like my brother is an understatement. Our relationship is cool on good days, downright frozen on other days (Right now on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is frozen and 10 is cool i’d say its right in the middle at 5, he hasn’t done anything to tick me off lately) I will say this, my brother is a good father figure to my niece (I think things have stablized around that drama, me her and my mom went to breakfast on sunday, so I think at the moment that drama hasn’t sprung up but I feel its gonna be seething in the background) But yeah. Outside that my brother is a complete and total schmutz.

Other things.

Last night ahem.......thebearsgotscrewed.
Its board game day, i dunno what i’m gonna take. I haven’t played Marco Polo or trajan in a while. I’m still on a classics kick. (Hard to believe Terraforming mars is 5 years old holy carp)
I am almost done with some final fantasy xiv weapons.

Thats all. Toodles.


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