The Habit (NoJoMo 6) in NoJoMo 2021

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  • Nov. 6, 2021, 2 a.m.
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Talk about your habits - the good and the bad.

The Good
I turn off a light every time I exit a room. I hit the switch no matter what. Sometimes that leads to turning ON a light that was already off, or vice versa. If the light was left on, i’ll turn it off and then realize I needed that light.
I follow my dogs outside when they go to the bathroom. Even on our entirely fenced acre, they still managed to escape from time to time. Now we don’t have a fence in the back of the house and I have a blind dog that thinks he knows where he’s going. So i have to follow them to go poop lol.
When packing for a trip, I pack everything for the two of us because for some reason my husband has no idea how to pack for a trip. And if I left it to him, we wouldn’t have any clothes or toiletries.
I always cook enough food for everyone to have at least two servings. Especially if it’s a good meal.

The Bad
I’m lazy and procrastinate A LOT. I always tell myself I WORK WELL UNDER PRESSURE when in reality I just put shit off until I absolutely HAVE to do it.
I’m blunt and often hurt peoples feelings with how I say things.
I obsessively worry over things I have absolutely no control over and it makes me sick.
I’m messy, especially when I cook and I hate doing dishes

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