Journal Entry thingie the 6th in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Nov. 6, 2021, 11:51 a.m.
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Hi goobers, gooberettes and gooberenbys. Here is the 6th day of these.

Talk about your habits - the good and the bad.

My good habits is I am Chronically early. like sometimes 20-30 minutes early. When it gets time to leave my house, my anxiety starts kicking in cause I’m thinking what if i get hit with traffic, I have to do 5 things before I get to my destination. so i’ll leave even sooner. You tell me 3pm ill be there at 245 at the earliest. I hate being late, like its the worst.

Now while sometimes I might fall asleep somewhere else (couch, floor in front of the heater in the winter (I still do that cause my bedroom is the warmer, and i get some pillows and be comfy, this is usually dependent on how i sleep) I will always wake up and get out of bed on the first alarm. And if i have to go somewhere right after I wake up it takes me 10 minutes max to get ready (I bathe at night, i brush my hair, deodorize, eat breakfast then im ready)

My worst habits though are I am a big nail biter of the fingernails. like a while ago it didnt heal correctly for like 4 months. Ive tried to break the habit but Its hard.

Thats all for that prompt I think.

I’m gonna see Dune today. I think the theater i’m going to is gonna be showing it for 7 bucks which is really nice.

Aaron Rodgers I am so disappointed. So so disappointed. Its Love Boat SZN.

The next final fantasy xiv expansion drops 2 weeks later. Oh well. Apparently the main developer was in tears because they had to delay it and felt so bad because of the delay. Thats dedication to your fanbase.

Here is a random picture from the board game Tapestry which I played last night:
alt text



A Bookish Bi November 06, 2021

Biting/picking at my nails is one of my very bad habits too. I try to keep nail polish on them to help stop it but since I wash my hands a lot and do dishes by hand it just chips off easily.

Aaron Rogers is a douchebag. It is just so disappointing. What really gets me is the lying about it at all. IF he does in fact have an allergy to the vaccine then why not just SAY so?? I think that's a lie too honestly. Ugh. My HOPE would be that they'd penalize him and the team but we all know the NFL are in fact morons run by an even BIGGER moron. ((sigh))

Oh I'm jealous you're seeing Dune! I hope you like it!

Take care my friend.

LordJunon A Bookish Bi ⋅ November 06, 2021

everything is pointing to fines ive been reading and no suspensions. Ill still root for the QB but not the human being, i actually unfollowed him on all social media, and I'm gonna give credit to everyone else but him when possible, I really hope JLove Balls out tomorrow.

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