Journal thingie 5 in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Nov. 5, 2021, 12:53 p.m.
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List five (5) interesting facts about yourself.

Oh wow. As i’m not super interesting this is a hard one.

My first one is, I do own stock in the Packers organization (LOVE BOAT SZN) While in theory that makes me a team owner, in fact I have a nice 250 dollar piece of sports memorabilia, and a beautiful ring That I got after their super bowl run that was available for shareholders only. I wear that ring nearly every day. When I pass my ring is gonna be dropped in my ashes (alongside all my kitties ashes cause im gonna be mixed with all my kitties ashes)

I kind of talked about one of my big facts in yesterdays prompt about my exploits in Mexico city. But that is one of my biggest things that happened in my life.

My birthday of 29 April is a national holiday in Japan (It was the birthday of Hirohito) It is also the birthday of Jerry Seinfeld and Kate Mulgrew.

My board game collection is probably about 500 games.

I have a wonderful pair of boots (footwear not my cat) that have lasted 10 years with only a heel replacement and the zipper pull thing broke (I fixed that with a paperclip and duct tape, that can be hidden under my pants legs)

Wow that was hard.

In other news, I beat my pre endwalker Mass Effect run. I enjoyed it greatly, I love the universe, (second favorite series) and now i just feel a bit lost. I guess its just the fact that I’ve played it for 70+ hours across 3 games, getting used to the characters. I mean i have the 6 books and the comics so there is that. I probably won’t get back to the series until next summer at the earliest, (I did play the trilogy 5 times though this year so i think i got my value in) I just need to finish out my 2 FFXIV weapons in about a week and a half (I can do that)

Anyhop. I am really boring TLDR.



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