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A reader said “That house sounds amazing”. I started leaving her a note but ran out of room. Then I decided to expand and post it here.
I hesitate a little though. Because…. Because.
All the homes were custom built in this area. Some of them were Adobe style. I loved that look but that isn’t what we got. Our house was a Spanish Ranch style. Inside our house was some adobe flare here and there.

The house had Wallpaper in every room to some degree. Either on all the walls in that room, or one wall, or only at the top or halfway up.
My kitchen had Pink Roses on one wall.
A friend came for lunch for the first time. She took one look at that and said, “THAT has to go” Wow talk about speaking your mind! Personally, I rather liked it.
The Kitchen had an Island with 5 chairs. That is where we ate.
We did have a Dining Room and never bought that Southwestern Table we talked about getting. All it had in there was our Stereo Unit w/Speakers and the cat box.
Also, in the kitchen it had Cherrywood Cabinets. And two Ovens in separate places. And it had a Trash Compactor! I loved that!
Off of the Kitchen was an oversize Laundry room. It not only had the washer/dryer but a sink and my Office size Desk and Hutch and my Computer. Off of that room was a Food Pantry.
The Living Room was sunken by 2 steps. It had a Window Seat. It had a Marble Fireplace that we never used and built-in Cherrywood Cabinets on both sides of the Fireplace
The Office (which was the TV room) we put a couch, 2 chairs and a Bulky Big Screen which cost 5 times more than one would cost today. (As they have gotten thinner they came down in price) and when we moved we left it there with the house. It fit perfectly in that slot, like it was meant to be.
My husband had his computer room in a carpeted and heated room off of the Garage. And in another room off of the 3 car garage we built shelfs for many Rubbermaid Storage bins.

The Master Bedroom and the other 2 bedrooms were separated which is how all homes should be built for obvious reasons. We gave our daughter the choice of either of the other two bedrooms; she picked the one with the French Doors leading outside. She said, “So I can sneak out at night.” Really, um if she really wanted to sneak out she easily could have done it without having those doors. Those two bedrooms had a Window Seat. The other bedroom was a guest room but also my Reading room. I loved the sun that shined into that room. Our Bedroom had French Doors leading outside and also had a door that led out to the Hot Tub.

I guess because the house was so stretched out, we had two Heaters and two Vacuumed Air Units. That is what it was called but really it looked like Swamp Coolers on top of the house. Our house was heated by Propane. We had a huge Tank hidden behind a Rock Wall enclosure outside.. which periodically ran out before we realized it! DO’H! (It never occurred to us to have them come monthly).
On top of the house there was a section that the roof was flat and there was Rod Iron sides all around. We had a heavy Table and Chairs up there. It was ideal for watching Sky Events and for the 4th of July.
In the mornings I sometimes sat up there watching the School Buses pick up kids. I watched the Quail and their babies (we had lots of those), and periodically I saw a Road Runner.
When you drove down the street, Bunnies and Jack Rabbits by the hundreds ran cross the road. Most of our 40 Rosebushes and Desert plants were surrounded by Chicken Wire because those Critters thought that was fine food. We heard Coyotes every night. Luckily, our Tom Cat never became their meal.

The front of our house to the street was a whole lot of Desert drought-resistant Trees. Right in front by the house was various desert plants and a long bush of Rosemary. We had a Pond with Goldfish in it. We also had one in the backyard too. The dog favored that Pond Water even though we put out fresh water for him. Our dog got lots of exercise chasing the bunnies that came into the backyard through the Rod Iron Gate. (He never caught one). But our Tom Cat was a pro at catching Baby Bunnies (I knew that from what he left on the front doorstep). I know, so terrible. He had plenty of food, but it was a game to him.

The Backyard had a large area of grass. We could do Croquet or even Badminton. And then it had our 18 by 36 foot pool that we installed. It was great entertainment when we had family come to visit and the Family Reunions. And there was a long gravel area for Horseshoes. We sat under the Covered Patio right outside the Kitchen, quite often. A few times when we had a bunch of guests for Dinner we set Folding Tables out there. Every time family came to visit, someone always wanted to sleep on the Roof Deck. That is one thing my husband and I never got around to doing.
The backyard also had an array of Desert Plants and the Roses were sprinkled in the front and the back yard. My favorite plant was the Mexican Bird of Paradise. Thus, my name and picture on Prosebox.

In July there about was when the Tarantulas appeared on our front Covered Porch walls. Where they hung all the other times of the year.. I have no idea. And they were always the size of your hand! Fortunately, we never used that door to come into the house. Just Guests did. What a welcome!

We heard and saw the Rattlesnakes mostly in the backyard. Usually, the dog located them in a bush, but on occasions there would be one by the backdoor so you always looked when you opened it.
In 2002 October 31 (fitting it was Halloween) I walked out to the Garage and opened the Freezer when I heard a familiar noise. I know you are supposed to slowly move but I didn’t. I sprung back into the house. Turned around and the snake was raised up in attack mode. I called my husband up at his work and told him to come home and get this NOW! I kept the snake agitated so I wouldn’t lose where he was until my husband got home.

I saw 5-inch Centipedes inside the house on the Wall a few times. I heard when they grab on they don’t let go. I am so glad I never found what that would feel like. HOWEVER, I did NOT escape meeting up with Scorpions SIX times. And to think I took the most precaution concerning these things. I checked my shoes, and the clothes I put on and in other ways.. and well I just think they liked my aroma the best. They were not the killing kind but they always made the area they stung swell up and ache for a day. I still have the mark where that first Scorpion got me on my finger. (I was in bed, reaching for my earplugs in the dark on the nightstand and bam!).
And what would a desert be without Lizards.

Periodically we had a Hawk that flew in the yard and scared the snot out of all the birds. At night we had an Owl who perched on a pole and Hooted. We had Songbirds that would sing at the first hint of light. I had a Bird Feeder outside the kitchen window and a particular bird would wait and even sit in the tree as I refilled the feeder each day at the same time. (I felt bad when we moved away… I think I left a note for the next Occupants). We had Doves all around. I love hearing their Cooing. Some of them were probably Pigeons too.

And you all would be surprised to hear.. the Price for all that… $270.000 and even now the price hasn’t gone up much. I know part of it is the state and town but maybe the Scorpions and Rattlesnakes keeps it down too.
Had you told me about all the critters before we moved there. There is NO WAY I’d have moved into that house. I knew of plenty of people in the town that had never even seen a Scorpion or Rattlesnake near their house.
When you have a house on the Desert Plain, that is what you have. Much like if you live in the Mountains, you have Bears and Cougars.

It was super quiet living there. It felt like a Retreat. Laying by the pool. My Dad thought it was like a Hacienda although it didn’t quite fit that description. It was such a Blessing to live there. Peaceful.
Yep, if we ever moved back, we would consider asking the occupants if they would like to sell.
However, the chances of leaving here are 99% slim.

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Hotaru November 05, 2021

What a wonderful house. I’d be freaked out by all the snakes and scorpions though.

ConnieK November 05, 2021

Loved your wildlife observations! Your life is very different from mine. I don't think alligators would survive long in the desert. :)

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