Menos Favorito (NoJoMo 3) in NoJoMo 2021

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  • Nov. 3, 2021, 2 a.m.
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List your top five (5) least favorite: bands, songs, movies, and TV shows.

I’m not going to do a least favorite because I simply can’t think. I’ll list some other things I don’t like, because I don’t really have any bands I don’t like a lot. I don’t like certain songs, like Mambo #5. I fucking hate that song with a passion.

I don’t quite “get” Billie Eilish, but I’ve heard her music and it’s ok. Kanye. yeah.

Probably the only movie I can say was the “worst” was Rubber. And while it was very strange, it was still entertaining. So that is a hard subject for me to decide on the worst.

Again, with the TV shows, I don’t watch TV often, but the idea of the Teen Mom shows, like who the FUCK thought that was a good idea to televise and make those girls celebrities.

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