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  • Nov. 2, 2021, 3:08 p.m.
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In the midst of those way too many doctor’s appointments, good news comes crashing in. My dear friend Bobbie, whose picture is up above, is going to have her work at the Venice Biennale https://www.labiennale.org/en/art/2022. This is big stuff in the art world. Avoiding her family before this, she is heading to Paris for a week with her lover. For a lady who couldn’t really draw at all well when I met her, today her drawings and paintings have led her into a wonderful new world.

I saw my dear old Ophthalmologist, who says he isn’t ready to retire yet, and pending written permission from my Oncologist and my GP, can have the cataract removed from my left eye. I’m blind in that eye. As far as I am concerned, this is very big stuff indeed.

I talked with an almost forgotten pulmonary surgeon who told me his prayers were with me. Sort of bare bones there. Today we were off at rush hour to meet with G’s new Orthopedic surgeon. Come back in six months, he said. Use it as if it wasn’t injured. Buy a new saw that stops running when it encounters soft tissue.

Tomorrow noonish I go in for a CT scan to see if the left tumor has grown a lot lately. No one ever mentions the one in my right lung.

All the while I’ve been doing the tiny things that make life worthwhile. I got the fabric for the binding ironed. While I was at that, I got the hand embroidered display towels in the upstairs bath ironed too. Yes, the new iron worked well, but I miss my modern behemoth of an electronic iron. Not being able to look at it, I gave it to George to throw away. I then watched two videos on binding quilts on YouTube, and I got help putting books back in the big bookcase downstairs. I can do this.

  • Himself: Researching a new saw.
  • Myself: Cutting the binding fabric.
  • Reading: I want to go to the library.
  • Watching: …and sleeping through Antiques Roadshow last night.
  • Photo: Mine of my friend Bobbie.
  • Weather: Vague, watery sunshine. Chill breezes.
  • Gratitude’s: That everything will get done eventually.

Last updated November 02, 2021

hippiechica15 November 02, 2021

Wow that is impressive!

Zipster November 02, 2021

Wow, congrats to Bobbie, that's HUGE! Crossing my fingers for a good scan result.

NorthernSeeker November 03, 2021

Bobbie is living the good life! I hope her art show is a big success.

Jinn November 05, 2021

All good things!

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