1st Write an account of how you spend an average day in the life. Start with the moment you wake up.

2nd If you had to reinvent yourself, what would the new version be like, what would be the improvements?

3rd What do you consider betrayal and how do you handle it?

4th Describe how you faced a fear, or fears?

5th Do you believe happiness can be created?

6th How have the past 2 dark years of the pandemic era changed you?

7th What was a moment that made you feel an unexpected emotion? (Can be happy, sad, angry, etc.)

8th Tell us about your most unusual skill. Where or why did you learn it?

9th Make a compliment to someone you hate/dislike.

10th What is a skill or activity you’ve tried during the restrictions and NEVER want to do again. Why?

11th Hold old were you when you got your first job? What was it? Did you like it?

12th What has someone else taught you that you never would’ve learned otherwise? Aside from the basics, like walking and dressing/feeding/cleaning yourself?

13th What book/movie do you recommend to others and why?

14th What would you do during “The Purge”? Or who are you going after? (I don’t know if these movies are in other countries. If not, it’s basically a “what if” where all crime is legal for 24 hours once a year.)

15th What holiday holds your fondest memory?

16th What is one taboo thing you don’t think should be taboo?

17th What song can make you cry and why does it make you cry?

18th What is an opinion you have that a majority of people would find upsetting.

19th What can you remember as your first adult achievement?

20th What is a news story (other than Covid) that surprised you this year?

21st What is something you miss doing that you can’t do now?

22nd How do you feel about mental health?

23rd Give 3 song LYRICS that speak to you. Bonus points for any backstory about why they are meaningful.
-Darkest Days, Brightest Nights

24th What is the greatest compliment anyone ever paid you? What made their words so meaningful to you?

25th Tell us about your pet or pets.

26th What was a difficult decision you once had to make? What did you consider when deciding?

27th Favourite simple pleasure?

28th Who is your favourite character (book/movie/etc) and why?

29th What is a nervous tic you have and how did you acquire it?

30th Whatever you want to write about.