Oh what the Heck imma try the Journal month thing. in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Nov. 1, 2021, 1:52 p.m.
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So Day 1 (Where are the prompts? I’ve looked on the interbutt and cant find them)

Introduce yourself (Only reason i know this one is from the various pages on prosebutt)

I’m Chris (Aka Ekhdal) 42 and from North of Pittsburgh.

He/him (they works in a pinch)

about me a bit: I have 2 cats which I talk about all the time, Boots my tuxedo boy who is about 13 years old, still in good health, loves cheese, bread, nutrition shakes, head bonks, and my lap and chest. Macaroni is about 7 years old, he is a sweet baby who is a miracle and you can do almost anything to him (Foldy ears! pick him up and dip him in a cuddle hug, dance with him and tell him hes a grumpers) he is kind of bashful though but hes my baby.

I love all sports to a varying degree. In this order NFL, NCAA Football, Soccer (of all type), Hockey, Basketball and baseball. TBH you’d have to drop a small nuclear bomb to stop me from watching NFL football, and even then it might not be enough. My team is the Green Bay Packers even though I live in Steelers country (thank you 9 year old me who thought the logo, city name and team name was cool) I have 1 share in the packers organization which in theory I own a piece of the packers, but in fact its a 250 dollar piece of sports memorabilia which allows for exclusive merchandise (my ring!) In other sports, I like Manchester City FC, the pens, and Pirates but my world doesn’t revolve around those like the packers (I have 8 hats, 5 jerseys, a bunch of shirts, 3 jackets (2 winter and 1 light) and so much more)

Gaming is a big factor in my life. I like Board games and video games. In the video game world, I dont play as much, i mainly stick to final fantasy xiv the MMO game, Mass Effect is one of my favorite series, (I have a crush on Tali Zorah vas Normandy, the quirky, awkward, nerdy and cute Quarian Engineer) I also enjoy the outer worlds and the offline final fantasy games (except 15, that one can be yeeted into the sun)

Board games however I love. I like more non-conflict games, I like games where you cant get eliminated games where you run businesses, train companies, trade resources, I’ll play most games but conflict type games aren’t my thing (There are obviously exceptions to this rule) I also like cooperative games where we work towards one goal
My top 5 games are 1: Empyreal: Spells and Steam, 2: Terraforming Mars 3: Sidereal confluence 4: Russian Railroads and 5: Sentinels of the multiverse

In another life (read 10+ years ago) I did get a degree in education but never really utilized it because my family (First grandmother, then mother) got sick or things got too much, came first. I also tried to do some photography but.. my mom got really bad.. i should try to get back.

Outside gaming I dont have many hobbies. I like classic tv, absurdity, fun game shows, sci-fi. I listen to audiobooks a lot.

Politically and socially I definitely lean towards the left/liberal side. (I got blocked from the local paper for calling trumpkins Maggots during Jan 6th) I am a firm believer in LGBTQIA++ rights. While Biden isn’t perfect, he is a lot better than the big dumb wet ex president, I don’t worship at his altar, and hes trying his best even with a stupid congress. (He was darned if he did and darned if he didnt with Afghanistan, he did right though getting out) But if you dont believe in LGBTQIA++ rights, you will be yeeted into a black hole.

Honestly, my life isn’t amazing. I wake up, I get pestered by kitties, I do my stuff. I go to bed.
I have a board game design i should really try to get back on.

So, I don’t know how many people will actually see this, but now Ask me anything and i’ll reply in the comments.
I’ll do my best to do each prompt every day, but November 19th and 20th for sure are gonna be close (FFXIV endwalker and a board game day)



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