Happy Halloween in Thirty-Six

  • Oct. 31, 2021, 4:24 p.m.
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Good morning my friends and family (if there are any family, I’m sorry for all of this LMAO), how are we all doing this morning? I’ve been awake now for about two hours. Dice and Poker usually wake me up around 8 or so to get let out lol. Then they go out again here in about 30 minutes.

How are we all doing this Halloween morning? We’re gonna watch some football, make some dip sandwiches and then hand out candy this evening to the trick or treaters. We decorated my dad’s porch last night really quickly, I had some decorations and he had some orange lights to go with mine. We just wrapped the top of his porch and the front door. There’s also some ghostie lights too haha.

So that’s fun. Yesterday we went across the street to my cousins because it was her grandson’s birthday, so we had pizza and stuff, which was tasty. Then my dad and I ran to Silver to pick up a rake for poop scooping lol and then we got a bunch of candy for the kiddos.

We get food stamps again tomorrow. I don’t even know if I mentioned but we qualified for footstamps! YES! Last month sucked because we bought groceries and ended up using all of our money for that, which I was very upset about. So we got foodstamps and bought our normal groceries. Well mostly normal, we can’t really buy all the frozen stuff we usually have on hand because we don’t have any freezer space, but we are slowly making space.

UGH, food money is important.

We should be getting our medical benefits sometime this week, hopefully. They got the proper information that our medical coverage in AZ was canceled so I’m hoping we’ll get that soon. I should qualify for a dual eligible plan again since I already have Medicare.

Anywho, so lets see, Wednesday of last week we went to Las Cruces. Randy needed to go to a game store to buy some paint and he picked up a couple other items he needed. Then we went and had food at Ruby Tuesday’s and went to Sam’s Club. Uhmmmm we also went to the mall and then to Caliche’s. I had been craving it for several years, since I was last there to pick up my dad after his stint in the hospital in May of 2019.

Caliche’s is frozen custard and I always get the Gizmo Sundae. It’s Vanilla or Chocolate Custard (I get vanilla) with hot fudge and caramel, topped with pecans, I get them salted. Randy got an Oreo Cheesecake Caliche, which is like a Blizzard from DQ or Cement Mixer from Culver’s. He was genuinely surprised at how good it is, he was like damn you for introducing me to that lmfao.

So we’ll probably bet going down there often to get one lmfao. My dad got a strawberry pineapple shake that was to die for also. They use all fresh fruits and stuff. So delicious.

When we got home that night we watched the World Series, GO BRAVES! I also made Chicken Strips for dinner. I’ve been cooking A LOT. Which I told my dad, I will cook, do laundry and vacuum every surface in the house as long as I don’t have to do a single dish. My dad does the dishes usually.

So that’s fun stuff. Friday Randy went into town to buy some wood to make more shelves for his setup here. I stayed home because I was bleeding profusely from my vagina....still am. lol sorry, but damn this month has been rough. I was a week late, based on my tracking app, so we got a little bit excited, considering I had been spot on with my app for the last four months, give or take a day in either direction, and considering we actually had sex twice in the weeks leading up to it.

So yeah, super heavy cycle and no baby, again. We will try again this coming month, but I am going to buy some ovulation tests, instead of relying on an app to tell me, hey your period should start soon! ugh. so yeah that’s also whats going on.

I guess that’s about all I have to report for now. Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! Be safe! And don’t forget to go buy all the discounted Halloween candy tomorrow!

Last updated November 01, 2021

❤️vee October 31, 2021

all three tracking apps I use are all way off with telling me when my period will start (they were all off by ten or more days this month!) I'm used to super long ones but this month and last were really short. I'm not sure what gives, or if I should be worried now that it's shorter versus longer.

Stephably ❤️vee ⋅ November 07, 2021

I finally bought some actual ovulation tests so we'll see how those work out. I start testing next week.

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