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  • Oct. 28, 2021, 1:43 a.m.
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Monday night I finally finished the acres of quilting leaves. Yesterday we drove out to Rosie’s quilt shop, the ultimate in quilting supplies and fabric. Imagine many rooms filled with colors and textures to suit every palate. A whole wall of acid greens. Row after row of passionate reds. I was in heaven.

After spending too much for a new Olfa blade and a dark blue patterned fabric, we ate burritos by the bay. Starting home, I noticed that the surf was crashing over the jetty by the bay. In town, we could see the surf hitting the bottom of the now closed pier. Farther down the Sunset Cliffs, we could see the surf hitting the bottom of the cliff faces and sending spray high up to the parking area. Very exciting stuff.

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  • Himself: Lunch out and a hand x-ray for the hand surgeon appointment.
  • Myself: Going with G to the Clinic. I straightened the edges of the quilt and will cut the binding Friday. We missed a call from Bobbie about the quilt.
  • Reading: Finished the Darcy mysteries.
  • Watching: NCISLA, J Leno followed by a little news.
  • Photos: George
  • Weather: Sunny and warmer.
  • Gratitude’s: For the sunshine.

Last updated October 28, 2021

NorthernSeeker October 29, 2021

Terrific photos again! It is exciting to see big spray resulting from big waves hitting a wall or rocks. Raising sea levels are such a concern to many of the beautiful places we love.

Narrator October 30, 2021

Beautiful shots - and that's great news about the leaves! :) I love quilt stores like that - I get sucked into the fat quarter baskets. They're so little! I could have space for just...a few... more. lol

ODSago October 30, 2021 (edited October 30, 2021)


Thank George for the wonderful photos. I love your quilting mentions. We wrapped Kermit's body to be cremated in a quilt his aunt had made for us in 1962. When he first unwrapped it he at age 23 exclaimed...I want to be buried in this quilt. It was such an honor to respect that wish. But in the way we miss our loved ones, also I miss the lovely and warm. Pattern of wool bits joined together on the front and flannel backing.

Jinn November 06, 2021

I wish I could quilt. I love them so.

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