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  • Oct. 26, 2021, 2:12 p.m.
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So, on my last post…you know, the one about how I thought my neighbor was being an asshole for being super judgmental?

Some user named “Out of Doubt: End time” commented this:

“You should have waited until you got home. No matter who you are, walking around drinking out of a brown bag is just trashy and makes you look like a drunk. You also have a kid. Not setting the best example by doing drugs and walking around drinking in public.”

So, someone read my entry and was like, “You know what? I know you have no idea who I am, but I think my opinion matters, and in fact I agree with your neighbor. Maybe he’s not an asshole and you really are just trash and a bad parent, and I think you should know that.”

I think this is the same dumb bitch I blocked a while ago with a new shitty diary.

I didn’t mention doing any drugs in that last entry, so she must have read some entries back where I talk about eating mushrooms. Which, I will eat mushrooms forever probably. And I will have my son eat mushrooms with me when he turns 18. And when my son turns 21, we will go walk around town brown bagging it together. And we’ll do it in suits. And we’ll love it.

So, remember kids, just because you have a platform to anonymously share your thoughts about strangers you know nothing about, doesn’t mean your thoughts or opinions matter at all. To anyone. Also, if you want to talk shit anonymously, I will post your user name in my diary. So, there’s that.

I can’t wait until global warming finally kills this shit species.

Miss Chiffs Manager October 26, 2021

This makes me so sad.

SilentEcho Miss Chiffs Manager ⋅ October 26, 2021


Superposition Miss Chiffs Manager ⋅ October 26, 2021

Me too

SweetMelissa October 26, 2021

what a shitstain.

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