October, No, Vember in Thirty-Six

  • Oct. 21, 2021, 1:04 p.m.
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Whats going on over here in ProseBox land? I hope we are all doing well. When did I last write? Oh, yeah, Monday. So groceries were picked up, meds and a hole saw was picked up from L’s husband and I dropped off a painting for them.

What else happened that day. Oh yeah, I dropped off our Income Support application. Then that afternoon, I got a call from them to perform the interview and all I’m waiting for now is the paperwork from Arizona stating that our plans were canceled over there, so they can process the rest of the application and we can get our medical care.

WOO! It looks like we will probably be recieving food stamps again, so that will help tremendously. Hopefully I can get a similar plan to what I had in AZ, I’m dual eligible, since I have Medicare. I should get dental and vision coverage as well. Once Randy gets his disability, he’ll automatically qualify for Medicare also since it has been over 2 years.

Uhmmm yeah, what else. Tuesday I made a house for a friend, that I still need to deliver or something. And then yesterday my dad had an appointment with people that help with updating, bringing up to code, etc. The lady sounded confident that the application would be approved, so that is good. They’ll do up to $5k in work, and then he’ll have to pay that back but at like $50 a month. We’ll help with some of that obviously.

I went and picked up a rug from my friend Roxie, which today is her birthday!, and then we went to the post office on our way home. There was a card in there, i thought it was a package from MIL, but it turned out to be a certified letter from my cousin Mike. I knew IMMEDIATELY what it was.

Last April we got dividends from my uncles Estate (he passed in 2017) and this was the 2nd payout (there will be another in April of next year). OH MY GOD! Were finally able to buy the things we needed this month like shampoo and conditioner, lotion, qtips, and i got some much better shoes too. We bought a bunch of food and rearranged the refrigerator and back shelves.

I also have to order a belt for the dryer, or look for a washer and dryer to replace these with If i can find a fairly decent set for not too much, I’ll probably just do that.

Anywho, so that felt pretty amazing yesterday. We got proper meds, and had some good dinner . It was just finally really good day, after a whole slew of really shitty days.

Today, I don’t really know whats going to happen if anything, so meh. The Broncos play the Browns later and so I want to figure out what to get to make or order for the game. Might go get some Blake’s or something.

Anyway, take care everyone!

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