• Oct. 7, 2021, 12:58 p.m.
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Yesterday had an overly busy quality to it. The morning doctor’s appointment was followed by a late lunch. We eat lunch early. The company couldn’t have been better, the service perfect, the food generous, and the meal lasted till three. We got home and found that we had turned into veggies. Lumps. Inactive and without motivation. I felt like a stuffed mushroom, a stuffed Mage. I wasn’t alone until eight PM.

George sat opposite me on his computer, silent too. No dinner for us this night. I ate half a slice of bread and butter just before I took my “eat-with-food” pills. Something in the foods didn’t quite sit well, we thought. This morning I was thinking there was MSG in something…perhaps in the batter on the fish.

Today my focus is on that quilt. Leaves, branches, and perhaps taking out one breadth of sloppily sewn leaves. I can replace them with a tidier line of leaves that doesn’t look like a mad woman sewed them. We will see. I’m always left with that.=============================================================
- - Himself: Baking bread and helping a neighbor with a recalcitrant dryer vent. Of course, he’s in space too.
- - Myself: Got permission to have cataract surgery on my left eye. They must think I am going to live long enough to get good use out of it. Today quilting to fill up the next four days. Three days of unable to remember words and devolving into silences.
- - Reading: Handbags, and Phillips three volume paranormal sci-fi.
- - Watching: Northwoods law, and something we don’t remember.
- - Photo: George; Tug boat outside the restaurant windows.
- - Weather: 66, cloudy and slight drizzle.
- - Gratitude’s: That I wore a scarf to lunch, that I didn‘t forget too many words yesterday, and we are to have rain tomorrow. Imagine that.

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woman in the moon October 07, 2021

Great photo with bonus sail and speed boats.
You are staying busy in lovely and productive ways.
Life is what life is.
Sorry about MSG.

Zipster October 07, 2021

I like the idea of a mad woman's sewing, such reckless energy and passion. Hooray for more rain!

NorthernSeeker October 10, 2021

A working the bumpers. The stuffed potato feeling is ok for awhile. Good news to qualify for the cataract surgery.

Jinn November 05, 2021


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