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  • Oct. 5, 2021, 3:01 p.m.
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Saturday we had a quiet lunch by the bay. I was hoping the heron would show, and sure enough he was haunting one fisherman right in front of us. After the gentleman left for home, the bird hopped up on the table. One lady inched her way almost on top of the bird with her camera. There I was with my camera. I had to laugh.

I can’t believe we ate dinner out, but we did.

Sunday, after CBS Sunday Morning, neither of us remember what we did. I did sew for an hour or so. We both remember that the baked potatoe topped with chili was really good for dinner.

Today was a visit to the Oncologist. All the usual followed by a visit with a Fellow. Then the good doc came in with news that I can stay on my current protocols a bit longer. Yes, my body is showing a few adaptations to the med, but so far it seems to be working. Scan and another visit in five weeks. Phew.

Perhaps the most important item in the week was the rain. It did the thunder, lightning, and rain bit last night. Unusual and exciting stuff that.

  • Himself: Monday was his bi-yearly medical checkup. Today he came along and held my hand. Now he is far out in EVE space.
  • Myself: I’ve been reading and looking at historical style blogs and pages. Quilting. Want one week with no medical appointments at all.
  • Reading: Shoes. Handbags are next.
  • Watching: Lots of Antiques Roadshow.
  • Photo: Mine by Mission Bay with the blue heron.
  • Weather: High white clouds in a stunning blue sky.
  • Gratitude’s: For everything today.

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Marg October 06, 2021

Great news from the doc! That’s a pretty friendly heron. I do love a good thunderstorm - the only problem is trying to catch the lightening to watch it light up the sky - I invariably miss it! :)

Oswego October 07, 2021

I really regret not watching “CBS Sunday Morning.” It’s such an exceptional show. One of the finest to ever appear on television. And I can go right to the Web site and seethe whole show for free. Time to pay attention to it again.

NorthernSeeker 6 days ago

I love photos that tell a story, like the heron and the photographer. Good stuff! I like chili and I like baked potatoes so I would probably love that combination. Hooray for the good medical news.

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