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or there about....
My labor was only 6 hours long.
I spent 5 days in the hospital. Oh, they would have let me go home after 3 but why when I could be pampered for 5. (This was a Military Hospital).
I remember they ranked her skin at 9. She had an Olive complexion.
She weighed in at 8.5 and was 19.5 inches long.
She because she was mine, was the most sweetest looking baby!
By 5 weeks she was sleeping though the night.
A very content Baby.
She was on Norm for all the accomplishments.
EXCEPT…. She was a fast learner.
By 1 year she had a vocabulary of X many words
By 18 months she talked in sentences, she knew her colors, her shapes, could count to 20, the Alphabet and could even write it!
She was totally Potty Trained by 3.
She was always at the top of her class and beyond. Barely had to open the book to get straight A’s.

From the day she came home from the Hospital I read to her every night and continued to do so until she felt she was too old for that. Which was about Middle School at some point but I think she listened from her bedroom as her brother and I read books.
I played gobs of Board Games with her and her brother and their friends.
We played catch in the street. We rode bikes. We went to the park. We went on picnics. We went Hiking. We baked. We were silly. We played Kick the Rock to school each day. We did the Library programs every summer. These were the most memorable years.

High School was a little rough. One she wanted her Wings, and I was a very over-protective mother. 9 days into her High School year, her brother died. And then well she was also a moody selfish teen. (as many teens are).
It equaled for some real (sarcastically said) joyous years. But we survived. And have a good relationship now. I was actually pretty thankful I only had to tolerate a little lip and rolling of the eyes.
When she was newly married in 2002, we moved away. When we lived just 5 hours away we saw each other every few months. Then we moved 1500 miles away and saw her once every few years.
Now we live 12 miles a part and visit at least once a month.
I particularly love the time times we get together when we do Mother daughter things, like shopping.
We also enjoy doing Jigsaw Puzzles together just like my Mom and I do

She has been married 19 years… NO children… By choice!
Our lives would look so different if we had grandkids.
But we of course, accept their choice.
They had the typical reasons at first. Wanted to finish College, Wanted to buy a House, didn’t have any one to watch their child etc… but also, their reasons go deeper than that.
They do have 2 Cats and 2 Dogs. For awhile they had Fish too. But now they have 2 Pigs.
The Pigs were… WERE for food, but they named them. Chunga and Chorizo. After having them 18 month, my daughter enjoys them even if they completely tore their yard up. They have personality and she thinks they are cute at 180 pounds. My daughter refuses to subject them to a final end. For now ,they will be pets.

My daughter and her husband are Art Majors. They have a Studio in their Living room with Bright Lights and such. She has an Office where she does an array of art things. Painting, drawing, jewelry making, book binding, metal itching and graphic art.

They are Content.
Happy Birthday, S

ConnieK October 03, 2021

Happy birthday wishes to your daughter!

crystal butterfly October 04, 2021

I hope she had a blessed day.

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