MUSEUM BITS in Postcards 4

  • Oct. 3, 2021, 3:49 a.m.
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George is off to the Automotive Museum in the park shortly. The museum itself is undergoing new thinking via a new director…the third since Poolie died. The tile murals on the front have been restored. The displays have become more static. Several of George’s friends and co-volunteers have died and leave a large hole.

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Ferrari’s are a bit rare, but the docents gather round when one comes to visit. Cobra’s are even rarer…this one almost worthless because of all the changes the owner made to it.

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I’m staying home today unwilling to bear the heat on the mesa even for new shows at the fine arts and the Mingei. I’ll find something new to read and a cool spot I can sit in.

  • Himself: Off in space at the moment, then he’s off to the park.
  • Myself: writing, quilting, staying cool in the hot temperatures. Laundry, hiding from Marta.
  • Reading: Nothing at this moment. I was reading a pictorial history of clothing designers.
  • Watching: NETFLIX: Two GBBS’s.
  • Photo: Mine.
  • Weather: Hot and beautiful beach weather if your skin can stand it.
  • Gratitude’s: That I’ve gotten so much done on the quilt the last two days.

Last updated October 03, 2021

gattaca October 03, 2021

That's a shame about the Cobra. Carroll Shelby must be turning over in his grave.
The tire tread wear bars are visible. I notice things like that.

Yes, stay out of the heat. :-)

NorthernSeeker October 06, 2021

Staying cool would be my goal. I don't know what the Cobra should look like so I see a cute car.

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