DINNER AT THE BAY in Postcards 4

  • Sept. 24, 2021, 1:20 p.m.
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I didn’t get much done yesterday. The sun was out for most of the day, and I rejoiced. As we neared four o’clock, over my book I mentioned dinner out. He mentioned chicken pot pies and slaw at home from the depths of his book. We compromised. But the new deli was closed.

With Subway sandwiches in hand, we parked by the bay. I noted that one of the Disney ships was downtown as it had been for a week plus. Just as I reached the end of my sandwich, I looked up to see that the ship’s profile had changed. It was moving at last classically elegant against the city skyline.

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The pandemic created disaster in the shipping industry. Not only could they not go anywhere, they were stuck with crews who were often ill with Covid and couldn’t go home. In May of 2020, over 200 crew members on the Disney Wonder tested positive for Covid.

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The Disney Wonder has been in warm lay-up off the coast. Here, with apologies, are Donald Duck and Daisy Duck on the Disney Wonder’s stern.

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  • Himself: Worked with the AC guy to do a clean and check up
  • Myself: Read, write, lunch, Costco, sew. New full leg compression.
  • Reading: Moon.
  • Photo: Out G’s car window.
  • Weather: Started sunny but now clouds and maybe thunder later.
  • Gratitude’s: Walking better.

gattaca September 24, 2021

I love San Diego's skyline.
I've been off the air for a bit.

Zipster September 24, 2021

Wow. What a shot, with a plane overhead as well! Are toy experiencing the lightning, thunder and rain? If I didn't have an opening to go to, I would go dance in it!

Oswego September 25, 2021 (edited September 25, 2021)


What a vast floating city. Simply amazing. I’ve never been on a cruise so can’t really imagine what it’s like.

ODSago September 25, 2021

Lovely photographs. Your days are more interesting than mine. I should visit!

NorthernSeeker September 26, 2021

The Disney Wonder is a beautiful ship. Your decision to head out with sandwiches was a good one.

Marg September 28, 2021

That is one huge ship!

MageB Marg ⋅ September 29, 2021

It's very small in comparison to the newer cruise ships.

Marg MageB ⋅ September 29, 2021


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