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  • Sept. 17, 2021, 3:01 p.m.
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As everyone knows by meow i’m going to origins. And i’m getting anxiety. why? Honestly not because of covid, i’m gonna be masked, i’m staying the fork away from unmasked idiots, i’m gonna have a bottle of sanitizer, blah blah blah, and i’m even gonna get a covid test when i get back just as a precaution. Heck, right now the biggest worry is blowing a bubble gum bubble in my mask cause i consume about 50 packages of orbit bubble gum flavored sugarless gum. Also heck even though i always get one I just got my flu shot the other day.

My anxieties? What if something happens to me outside covid, like i get an arm broken. What if something happens to a kitty when i’m gone? (Honestly thats a big fear even on a normal i’m gone for a day anxiety) Boots is 13ish years old, and while he is still healthy and spry as ever (edit should finish my thought) I just worry about his age, hes showing it when he tries to jump on a counter, my poor buddy. (Heck he just went bonkers over a bottle shake of italian dressing thinking it was a nutrition shake) My mom cant do much cause of her health.. and then there is that. She is doing fine, but what if something happens? Heck… last time i went something did and i had to come home because idiot brother. (i’ll never forgive him for that)

Then there is my car, my car had 180k miles, and while i take fairly good care of it (That car is a tank, and honestly, i think i can get another 100k miles out of it cause it runs fine) But what if a battery dies, or a flat tire or something like that or I get into a wreck?

And then there is the when i come home massive anxiety. Post trip depression, post trip blues kick in. If i cant get a test, i’m gonna self isolate for 7 days (My mom stays in her bed room 90% of the time and i’m gonna wear a mask until otherwise, taking precautions at home too) I ALREADY FEEL THAT ANXIETY AUGH.

And in a stupid anxiety. I’m trying to preorder one of like 3 games I really want (one I got via a flea market) and everytime I try to preorder it I get a “This cannot be added due to we cannot ship in your area, and i’m trying my darnedest to get ahold of the company (again) to fix this! and if i cant get it i might raise some polite cain cause I want this game.

I dont think I can enjoy anything anymore. Anxiety sucks.

alt text

Here is a boots.

alt text

and a macaroni.

Two other thoughts..


If anyone has access to the streaming channel Buzzr, 430 EST has one of the most fun game shows i’ve seen. Its called whew! Here is an episode (There aren’t many on Youtube but i watched them all at least once before it came onto Buzzr)

Enjoy it its definitely silly.

Anyways, back to my anxiety ball.


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