A Quiet House in Thirty-Six

  • Sept. 15, 2021, 6:31 a.m.
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This house is very loud. During the summer anyway. The evap cooler (swamp cooler) that works, it sits on the front half of the house. And it’s uneven or something and it rattles the entire vent that it feeds, so that in turn just echoes throughout the whole house.

It doesn’t do that when it’s on low. So why not run it on low? Well the low setting on the motor stopped working last year. We had already replaced it once. The back cooler works perfectly, but we can’t use it because it is literally going through the roof. So, yeah not going to risk that mess.

So, front cooler on the high setting keeps us at about 80 degrees on the hottest days. I had to fill a pan with ice and put it on top of the boys cage earlier so the three of them could stay cool. It got hotter than 80, and has been for the last week or so, because the outlet that runs the pump on the cooler that works, stopped working. So we have to go out and hose the cooler down like 5 or 6 times a day just to keep the house at a tolerable level.


Just a few more days now. No matter what happens with the shed, we will be leaving on Sunday the 19th. We’ll figure out where to put shit if they can’t for whatever reason deliver the shed on the 20th. But, yeah, that’s all that mess. I’m tired, and we still have a lot to do, but of course I’m here, and not doing anything. LOL. I’m waiting for my coffee to cool off so I can make my iced coffee. Once we get settled and stuff, I am going to buy the cold brew maker that is on my wishlist and keep making my coffee that way. Seems to not make my stomach hurt as much lol.

Why am I so old....

IN other news, I am happy to announce that I will finally be getting my Actemra infusion on Wednesday, that is tomorrow. They squeezed me in since we are leaving soon, plus, I don’t get any pre-meds, so I’ll be in and out. YAY, so at least I will have that by the important days of our move. BLAH. Thank goodness!

We lost Winston Sunday afternoon. I noticed on Thursday that he was staying in one spot, not really moving around the cage. I checked him and he didn’t have any lumps or anything. His breathing rate had increased a little bit, but not respiratory related. He was 3. Friday I closed off the top part of the cage so he could stay in the bottom part by himself and not have three other rats running over him.

Saturday I checked on him throughout the day. Gave him some food, yogurt and eggs, as well as a piece of steak. I made sure he had water within reach. Sunday, he was kind of in a state of panic. Not crazy, just dragging himself around a lot. He couldn’t use his back legs well by that point, so that’s why I say dragging. I took him out of the big cage that morning when I started watching football and he just kinda of milled around the cage. He’d get bursts of energy and I’d go sit with him.

I was watching the Broncos game and at one point he started getting really panicky, his head was up in the air like he was looking for something, so I went over to the cage, put my hand in, he grabbed it, rolled over onto his side, and I believe he had a heart attack. He twitched a few times, kinda folded into himself with his hands across his face, shivered hard for a few seconds and then his heart stopped.

It happened within 10-15 seconds. Randy had gotten up from the table to get some more ice and water, as he was doing that, Winston passed. Randy finished getting water and I screamed “HE’S GONE!” and Randy was like WHAT? and ran over to me. I held him for a good while after that. I showed him to the rest of the boys, because that’s important.

The three of them have been in a state of loss these last few days. I’ve been giving them extra treats, and as much love as they will take. I think Hemi is taking it the hardest. He’s been sad. He also hurt his hand a few days ago in a scuffle with Rizzo (dominance thing now that Winston is gone) and so he’s been a little under the weather. The swelling is completely gone in his hand, I’ve been giving him Meloxicam for that.

So yeah, we are down to three boys now, which will make the move a heck of a lot easier. I’m so heartbroken over Winston though. I knew his time was soon, just didn’t think it would be this soon. le sigh

I suppose that is all for now. We’re just trying to keep things cool and get things done at the same time. It’s been frustrating with every little thing breaking. blah, soon. Five more days! Anywho, that is all.

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Squidobarnez September 16, 2021


Foofah September 16, 2021

I'm probably not making my cold brew right but I just make it in the fridge with a regular decanter. I found the recipe for it online. I know cold brew is less acidic which is probably why it's easier on your stomach.

I'm so glad you were able to get your infusion. I hope it went well!

I'm so sorry to hear that Winston passed (hugs)

Stephably Foofah ⋅ September 17, 2021

Oh I have done that many times before but I just want a more precise and contained way to do it. This one has one of those mesh insirts that you fill with coffee and fill the pitcher with water. My biggest thing is cleaning up something that I'm going to use regularly and it's just too messy got me lol. So I saw this one on tiktok and it just looks like it'll work for me. I'll let you know when I get it LOL.

I wasn't actually able to get my infusion, and I'll be writing an entry about that. So yeah lol.

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