Count Down in At the foot of the hill

  • Sept. 13, 2021, 1:06 p.m.
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Only three more days to get ready for the packers to come and get our stuff ready to go! Yes, they pack it all up Thursday and the truck comes for it Friday. We won’t see it again for probably a week or so in Montana.
We will sleep here only 3 more nights! Thursday and Friday we will be staying with Mike & Jeri. Saturday afternoon we leave the Mile High City. Mike will drive our car which will be loaded with Bob and “stuff we need” and Jeri will drive her car with me and our “overnight” baggage. We will stop in Fort Collins and meet up with grandson Dave and his lady. Maybe see their new apartment and share a late lunch/early dinner with them and her mom. Then it’s on, out of Colorado to Cheyenne, Wyoming where we will spend the night.
In the meantime, my nephew Mark who lived with us for 3 years when he was a teen, will be driving his motor home from his place in Montana to meet us in Cheyenne. He will bring his car-towing trailer on which they will load our little car at the crack of dawn–he’s always been an early bird!–and we will say good-bye to (excuse me, I had to stop and shed a tear here!) our wonderful son and his beautiful wife.....
We will grab our carry-on and board the “bus”. And away we go! Straight up the middle of Wyoming and then follow General Custer’s famous last route thru Montana right to our granddaughter Janice’s door. We know she will be so excited to see us and her “uncle Mark” and we will camp there for the night.
Mark will again want to get an early start as we have another 5 hours or so to drive.
I think we should be at Rhonda and Mitch’s place early to mid afternoon just one week from today! We will be staying with them for a few weeks until our apartment is available. Hope that happens before winter sets in.
I’ll be on-line as soon as possible.

crystal butterfly September 14, 2021

Safe travels.

MageB September 15, 2021

Hope your trip is a good one. Stay safe.

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