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  • Sept. 12, 2021, 11:50 a.m.
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Let’s see, a choice between reading a 70 page well prepared .pdf from the League of Women Voters on local pesticide use or write a Prosebox post?

I took this shot last Thursday walking along the river south of downtown. It looks idyllic in the autumn light. Friday it was overcast all day, but it cleared into a gorgeous day yesterday with swarms of bike riders out. Mrs. Sherlock and I drove to the base of the big historic cemetery and walked across the river on our newest bridge. We can’t take Frieda into the cemetery.

We had a nice flat, not to ambitious walk. She took me into a new for me (100 home) neighborhood called Garthwick. Nice lawns. It is up next to a private golf course and country club that I didn’t exactly know was there.

On our way we stopped at one of our favorite small gardens and came across what is known as a Bloodtwig Dogwood with white bracts and black berries. The autumn crocus and those plants that are like autumn crocus, but aren’t, are out.

I was dragging on Thursday. And then much to my surprise, as I have had it under control with movement for the last year, the sciatica flared up big time in my right leg. I was able to manage it just fine to teach both classes on Friday with the help of movement and Tylenol. But why???

The hip issue I identified as a strained ligament in my left hip is better, but I still feel it and doing some myofascial release with a squishy ball on Thursday afternoon I came upon a sore spot in my left abdomen under my left rib sort of directly up from the affected hip area. It was like whoa, ow, what the heck?

This discomfort is for sure organ related. And it is worse today. That means my planned walk to the grocery is off the table. I am resting and drinking water and will order groceries for delivery tomorrow. And yes, call the clinic.

If it doesn’t get worse than it is now, I can teach tomorrow and go to the urgent care area connected with my doctor if I can’t get a drop-in appointment. Our Covid situation here is less than ideal and our hospitals are full.

Not a great time to require medical assistance. Deep breaths.

My breathing is fine by the way. I am just tired, and it hurts when I move but I am eating and nothing else drastic is happening. Checking myself out like I do the cats. The cats are fine, which is a lovely thing to have going on.

Yesterday I tried to avoid the memorials and wall to wall news coverage on the 20th anniversary of the towers coming down. One of the women I met through my Yoga Teacher’s Call was in New York working for United that day and was seriously traumatized. I sent her an email on Friday telling her I was thinking about her. Her bad coping skills in the end turned into her taking up yoga and she says it helped enormously.

I think many of you know I was scheduled to go to New York and visit Wall Street and go to the museums and shows on the morning of September the 12th. I was in the office wrapping things up when the second tower came down. I never made it to New York City. I lost that whole portion of my raffle ticket prize winning trip, though I was able to make up the second leg and go to the Caribbean the following February.

One of the main things I remember about that day was Open Diary. I was all over it interacting with friends near and far including folks in New York. Open Diary gave me a kind of perspective on the events that was most helpful.

Now my great-niece Miss E. is there having just celebrated her 21st birthday. Her mother (my niece) is flying in tomorrow from Seattle with her cat. She says college and classes are a mess, but she is clearly thrilled to be there. My niece went from having an empty nest for what, six months, to an overfull nest as when Miss E. came home for Covid she brought her boyfriend and then adopted the cat.

It is going to be lonely when she gets home. She wanted originally to travel during breaks from work but that isn’t really a viable option for now. I wish them well.

Heck, I wish us all well. Trying times. I will check back in when I get some answers about my health.

Last updated September 13, 2021

woman in the moon September 12, 2021

Oh I hope you're ok. You work so hard on your health and you definitely deserve trouble-free mileage.
I remember 9-11- 01 quite well too. I've written about it and it's like a reel - I typed real - of film that plays in my head - the universal experience and the individual.
Covid is a slow playing disaster - do we get one every 20 years? What was 1980's? 1960's? Maybe they are products of improved communication ie the internet.
Maybe I will order bulbs today... in your name. To me of course.

Marg September 13, 2021

Our bodies really don’t help springing these surprises on us at inopportune moments! I hope you get to the bottom of what it is. For some reason I have been devouring the documentaries on 9/11 this anniversary - I didn’t on the tenth one at all. The 9/11: One Day In America has been the best in terms of really giving a great overall picture of the day and the devastation it caused. It was harrowing but I’m glad I watched it because I got much more of a sense of what it meant to have been part of it.

Jinn September 14, 2021

Glad it was not more serious . It was bad enough.
Two days I always remember ; the day JFK was killed . I was in kindergarten and 9/11.

edna million September 14, 2021

9/11 was when I found Open Diary - I think I'd read about it very shortly before, then spent a whole lot of time reading posts about it. I think it took about a month to start my own back then, but that's what I remember initially.

I cannot BELIEVE Miss E is 21 and living in New York!!! That is just bizarre!

And having started with the latest entry, very glad the pain is nothing serious-

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