Shedding in Thirty-Six

  • Sept. 7, 2021, 8:19 a.m.
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We are still waiting on the Shed. Randy forgot to sign one of the pages of the 6 he sent back, so he did that on Friday. Today was a holiday and tomorrow they will call us to get the shed paid for, and hopefully set up delivery. I’m so done with all of this nonsense already lol. This is the shed we ended up getting....


It’s a 14x20 lofted barn shed. I don’t know if the doors are on the sides or on the end, I think on the end, but I don’t remember the pictures because my brain won’t stop hurting. It has some trim damage, and it’s a repo, so the we’ll have a “new” 7 year warranty and the trim will be replaced by that, so that’s good stuff. Ours here is a Kingshed and it’s like twice the size of this one. I’m super excited.

We’re hoping to have everything set by the 9th, the delivery will take maybe 2 hours tops because they are 45 minutes away, but big truck up a big hill and then into a back yard, etc lol. Then we’ll get the truck on the 10th and load it up. Head home on the 11th and then Return the truck, luckily there in Hurley, on the 12th. But, it looks like that’s gonna get pushed out a few more days.

We only have until the 19th. So even if we have to get the truck on the 18th, it’ll still work out, just cutting it really close. UGH. Holidays. and damaged brains lol. If anyone has any uhaul discount codes or anything like that, please let me know, that would be really helpful!

Otherwise, things are moving along nicely here. I got a lot of the laundry done, we’re gonna pack it in the drawers that we will be using. I’ll pack those full and once we get the truck that’ll be one of the first things to go in then we can stack stuff on it. We’re going to have a go through all the clothes at some point and get rid of a majority of it.

Randy is super good at packing these things, so it’ll be good. We’ve started putting all the packed boxes in the shed, that way we can just back the truck up and load it from there. Then all we’ll have are the big items, like the bedroom set(s because we haven’t been able to sell ours) and the couch, entertainment center, etc.

The couch that is in our living room is coming with, so we can put that in the living room. Plus the entertainment center that we were trying to sell, because it holds the big TV and it’ll hold all the other stuff we’ll be bringing like the sound system, etc. So that’s good. My dad has been moving stuff around slowly, he got the shed site all cleared out and ready for the shed to be put on.

Our first project when we get there is to fix the roof in the back room and then the floor in that back room, so we can actually use that room as our bedroom, and then the middle room will be the “office” where Randy will stream from and we can keep the rats in there and have a small couch and TV, etc. I can’t wait til we can get all that going.

After that we will get the car fixed, because we have to come back on the 30th for two dr appointments for Randy. Then on or around October 1st we go apply for benefits for us over there, so we can keep both of our meds up to par and hopefully I can see a new rheumy sooner than later.

Anywho, tomorrow, or later today, since it’s now after midnight and I need to go to bed, but we are going to the court to Unsuspend Randy’s license that has been suspended for several months now because of a ticket we forgot about. So yay. LOL. Then we have to go to Social Security. That could take all day. STILL trying to get ahold of DES. grumble

I have a feeling we won’t qualify for any sort of food assistance there because of my dad’s income. But we’ll see how that whole situation plays out. Alright, I’m off to bed, have a great night.

Last updated November 01, 2021

Foofah September 11, 2021

What a beautiful shed!

Squidobarnez September 13, 2021

that's a nice shed!


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