• Sept. 5, 2021, 1:57 a.m.
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That is one question
you may never have the guts
to say out loud
here, right to my face.

You can’t fool me with your expressions.
Your eyes narrow.
Your lips purse.
I bet you’re holding back those silent curses.

“Do you ever shut up?”
Go on, spit it out.
I promise you, I won’t pout.
I can hear that loud hesitation,
every time you (choose to) pause.

Well … yes, I do.
When I sleep, of course,
as long as I don’t dream
which may cause me to talk in my sleep
or have a nightmare that might make me scream.

I do,
when I’ve got no one to talk to
even when I’m not alone.
I’ve learned to identify avoid
those who are not worth conservation.

Do I ever shut up?
Now you know that I do.
I have my moments.
I understand that so do you.

you don’t get to tell me.
Here are some earplugs for you.
You may flee.

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