More Things in Thirty-Six

  • Aug. 31, 2021, 1:40 p.m.
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-My car gives me anxiety so I haven’t left the house in over a week, and I won’t be getting in it again until we have to load the dogs and rats in it to drive home.
-My husband finally said out loud “my dad is a piece of shit father” and I learned that his current behavior isn’t new. So, yeah I don’t think we will be having any contact with them any time soon.
-My uterus hurts and I may have to make an appointment with an OB before we leave.
-We got the paperwork for the shed printed and filled out, just have to send it back.
-We should be out of here by the 11th.
-I started a gofundme for repairs on my dad’s house. I know we’re not going to get much of anything out of there, and we have already 100 percent planned on doing all the repairs out of our own pocket as a thank you to my dad for allowing us to move back in with him. but, if you take a look at this video on TikTok, from March, you’ll see what the major problem is. The house is barely livable for the one person that lives there now, much less the three that will be living there. The house has been this way since before I moved out in 2009. My dad deserves a home.
-No Ceiling, damaged roof in one bedroom
-Built in the 40s, original electrical and plumbing
-Wooden frame windows with no insulation
-3rd Bedroom floor (which will eventually be our bedroom, with the damaged roof) is bowing and will go through in certain places if not repaired soon
-Attached shed is in shambles and needs to come down
-Carpeting and subfloor will eventually need to be replaced throughout the house
-Front porch is bowed and ready to fall down, we will be removing that asap, so it doesn’t bring the front of the house down with it.
-New fence needs to be put up in the back
-I will have to get a new phone sometime in the next week so I am not stuck on the highway, following Randy, without a way to communicate with him.
-Nine more days here

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