A great example of the clueless people promoting Covid. StargateQueen @ Prosebox in Good lord, this is a book

  • Aug. 26, 2021, 2:17 a.m.
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Have you seen this clueless (woman’s) diary?

It begins with this doozy of an entry:


and this clueless phrase:

To the website: (this one? Prosebox???)

“You are not entitled to cancel someone over a difference in opinion regardless of what you feel and regardless of party affiliate or geographical location.”

LOL - of course they are - it’s their website.

Your brain dead understanding relates only to government-run and government-owned places.

In response to my eye-opening offering about the Israel Covid data that was purposely served up by the media to try to scare people and draw clicks from the masses, this idiot, StargateQueen showed up out of the blue at my diary to “give advice from a good place”:

She wrote:

“Accept the Science. Deal with it”

Uh, I was the one who linked to the only actual science involved, which in brief points out that 60% of Israel’s Covid hospitalizations is actually good news on the Covid front in a country where nearly 80% of the entire population is vaccinated.

The problem being that the same positive report on Covid is being misunderstood by the media and by the StargateQueens of the world because they are too clueless to understand raw math.

The rest of the pure crap written at StargateQueen’s diary is akin to that which got Donald Trump banned from numerous social media outlets. Complete misinformation absurdly wrapped as “advice given from a good place” which will if it gains traction, KILL more people, beginning with the relatively small set that are dumber than StargateQueen’s poor understanding of “science”.

She cries at one point about censorship of scientific debate when she now makes it clear that she cannot comprehend actual science or math to qualify for such debate.

And once she flunks science, StargateQueen presents her religion. Talk about failed science.

At this brilliant entry: https://www.prosebox.net/entry/1296551/
StargateQueen parrots an earlier, misinformed and inflammatory interpretation of data that parallels the newsmedia’s mess that I drew attention to in my last entry.

Yet again she failed to read the fine print and just went with the idiot’s interpretation of actual data.

Here is the math wizard’s offsetting understanding to the misinformation promoted by StargateQueen:


So, word to the wise:

If you’re reading the crap continuously spewed by StargateQueen here at Prosebox, you’re getting the very same crap that got Donald Trump removed from so many of his social media websites.

It is misleading and potentially dangerous if ingested by people even dumber than she is.

ROFL - I stayed away from PB for a few days, fully expecting to get still more of StargateQueen’s stupidity via “advice given from a good place” in my notes.

Instead I return to find a bunch of notes from like-victimized diarists and zero hint of any remaining StargateQueen in my PB realm.

Once you’ve shone the light on such stupidity with factual reality then, like the vermin they are, the StargateQueen’s of the world scurry back into the darkness in continued search of people dumber than they are.

Last updated August 31, 2021

auburn_girl August 26, 2021

Saw you on the front page. I had to block them because they were writing these false entries and then not allowing comments and it was making my anxiety spike every time I saw a new one.

Mr. Mofo auburn_girl ⋅ August 26, 2021

I can't say it spiked my anxiety. I just snorted a bit and moved on. I see your point though. Take care.

Deleted user auburn_girl ⋅ August 26, 2021


Jodie August 26, 2021

The first link says I don't have access to it but I do want to check this person out...Thanks for the info.

Jodie August 26, 2021

The first link doesn't work for me it says access denied or something and the second link there is nothing to read....It would be interesting to read her or it....

simple mind Jodie ⋅ August 26, 2021 (edited August 26, 2021)


Try right clicking and choosing "Open link in private window". I guess she has a public diary but she has me blocked so not being logged in works. :D

Jodie simple mind ⋅ August 26, 2021

If she has a public page then I should be able to get in also because I am public?
stupid question? What you really said or did made her that upset that she can't think about what the other side of the coin is?

Mr. Mofo August 26, 2021

I'm still waiting for the article that describes the Z Variant and how it reanimates the host body causing it to shamble around and be all kinds of bitey.

simple mind August 26, 2021

Y’all need to remember, it’s a choice. Pushing socialism on a free society has never gone over well.

We've got a culture of people who can't seem to wrap their head around the idea that socialism fits social problems. And a pandemic is a SOCIAL problem. People's choices of "personal freedom" affect everyone. It's like saying "I think I'll start driving on the left side of the road (in the US) because I have personal freedom to choose which side of the road is right for me." Guess what? Public schools, roads, utilities, 911, fire dept, emergency room, etc, etc. We already have socialism and it works. (though it could work better in some cases without the social-phobics blocking progress)

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